Why are we still getting 3v4

Why is this still happening…

Players quit right before the game starts.


My friend yesterday had a 4v5 match yesterday in the event. WTF is up with that?!

This would probably be entirely avoidable if you could actually choose maps, and more importantly game modes.

I’ve had matches end with some odd numbers. I think the worst was 5v8. This has always been the result of people quitting/disconnecting, then a bot getting added, then a player getting added, but the game fails to remove the bot. The more this happens in a game, the more bots end up in the game and the more lopsided it becomes.

Yes. Players are definitely looking at what game type and map are being loaded and then disconnecting if they don’t want to play it.

Some of this is due to disliking specific game types or maps. But some of this is due to the challenge system that requires specific game types without giving players the ability to actually choose those game types.


No one quit in that match (well, my friend when he foudn out it was 4v5, but that was after the fact). The game from time to time just randomly puts in bots when matches load in, but normally those bots just dissapear when the match starts. This time it didn’t.