Why are vehicles made of paper?

These things can be taken down by Storm Rifles and Carbines. Heck, even a clip and a half of a Magnum can do some damage.

I’m not just talking about Spartan Ops, it’s a bit more understandable there because of the Legendary difficulty.

In a recent game I played, I got into a fresh Ghost on Dominion and I come across this guy with a Storm Rifle. He starts shooting me and I immediately take noticeable damage (parts of the Ghost exploding and breaking).

Why are the vehicles so weak?

The issue has been a sticking point with me since launch. Glass and carboard. Tanks are death traps!

Its funny any time me and buddies load up into a warthog, someones says, " someone is getting a triple kill."

Strangely enough, Mongooses are hard to kill. Don’t really know why they are so weak.

I know why they are made of paper

Because Walmart had a sale on paper and plaster of paris 8P

If they didn’t let you spawn with stickies, it would be so much better.

So that people in BTB can have a fighting chance with their PPs.


They need to go back to the way vehicles were in Halo 3. The Warthog has been my favorite vehicle since Halo CE, but I hardly used it in Reach and I never use it in Halo 4. It’s actually a bit depressing.

it annoyed me how easy to die in them it is. ill get in one at the start of the game and die within 30 seconds

Hold your horses, OP; it’s not any kind of paper!!

The vehicles are made out of explosive paper!

Seriously though, this angers me to no end. Seriously, what made 343 think that a handheld rifle should even damage a vehicle?? Do they know how much armor is on a Warthog, let alone a tank? Or how Covy armor is even more superior?

I honestly think Battlefield’s system would be infinitely better–small arms (including DMRs and snipers!) don’t do any damage whatsoever, only grenades, anti-vehicle power weapons, and damage the driver takes. (That doesn’t mean a shot to the tread of my Scorpion should knock me out of it when my shields are down!)

I simply cannot fathom how we can go from Halo 3 (widely considered perfect, but I’d still give Warthogs and Banshees a slight buff) to Reach’s patheticness, and then the developer just continued down that road. Did 343 ever actually play Reach? Do they know how frustrating it is to be sniped out of your shiny new Banshee, Warthog, Ghost, Scorpion, or Wraith without even being able to see the sniper???

Why do we even have vehicles anymore?

Because the infantry got a pretty sizable upgrade and Vehicles are still stuck in 2001. Seriously the next step in AAs evolution is that they transfer over to Vehicles, and by now ONI would have stripped a Wraith down to it’s frame with backward engineering and the Scorpion would be the second coming of Megatron if this was a real Military organization.

Mongooses and Ghosts-should be 2 stickies to destroy
Warthogs and Banshees-should be 4 stickies to kill
Wraiths, Mantises and Scorpions-should be 6 or 7 stickies to destroy.
Even enough?

This issue that has been a flaw since reach has baffled me to no end.

Is it really that hard to shoot the driver or gunner out of a warthog? Hell, with all the power weapons that randomly spawn on the maps, even tanks shouldnt be much of a problem. But no, lets complerely disregard what made the previous halo games great and port all the mechanics from reach.

Because Spartans are overpowered.