Why are Unranked players still in Ranked matches?

Just curious really.
I thought the Drop pod was going to require 25 social matches before they could play ranked. It seems like there are more now than before.

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When it comes down to player population and servers etc, they are going to put whoever they can in those matches regardless of rank or skill. Either that or they didn’t fix it properly, which wouldn’t surprise me at all.


You have to play 10 ranked matches to get a rank.

I’ve played 1400+ matches but none in ranked during Season 2 yet. I would be unranked when I play.

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"new accounts will need to complete 25 matches in social playlists before they can queue in Ranked Arena."
Ah i see, had to go back and read that again.

Still don’t think it’s fair that a ranked match can be decided by unranked players overperforming and carrying a team or others tanking on purpose.

The game still ranks you under the covers so it’s not like every unranked player you see shouldn’t be matched up with your rank.

Now with the minimum number of social games that should be even better because there is something for it to be based on. I guess you can tank the 25 games. It doesn’t seem like a good use of time.

And don’t forget ranks get reset every season - sometimes twice.

Still nothing to stop them from tanking those 10 matches for non-new players.

Sure, but people can tank their matches after they’re ranked too.