Why are they making us wait?

Why are they making us wait for the other specializations? I mean LE armor I can understand but they have completely screwed over everyone that bought the SE. And even the people like me that played before the 20th, is it fair that because we played before others that we get all the specializations before people that maybe didn’t get the game because they were unsure of the new developers?

I just don’t find this fair at all. Does anybody else agree? or do you think that this post is a waste of time?

I aggree completly im stuck at sR 70 ive completed all spec so far i have SE couldnt afford LE this is so unfair

I know, I am a wetwork right now SR57 and I am just thinking what happens after I get through with wetwork and operator?

I made a new email for my account and got screwed out of a specialization code. 343s Stupidest idea ever, now i have to wait til like after christmas.

This whole Idea to me is just dumb, I mean the wanted to make the game “Fair” but then they lock up half the stuff till when ever they decide? LAME. If your going to add Specializations everyone needs to be able to choose what ever they want, they have taken away some of the customization they talked about being in game

To state this is not a post to hate on people that bought LE, or played before the 20th, I just want to see how many people agree this isn’t fair to those that didn’t get to play before the 20th, or didn’t buy LE