Why are there so many people complaining about grenades

Everywhere i watch, i see people complaining about supposed grenande spam, too many grenades, … Its the same as previous Halo’s, 2 grenades at spawn, what has changed?
Grenades have always been a core part of the combat loop of Halo so i just don’t get why so many people are complaining about it now. Or is it just new people who have never played Halo before?
help me understand.

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I’m honestly not sure, because I’ve been playing since Halo 3 and the number of nades that comes flying your way when you peek around a corner has not changed. Whether you carry 2, 3, or 4 of each nade, every single one will be forcefully introduced to you the moment your location is known. And then when one person dies, someone will scoop up those nades and forcefully introduce those to you as well.

It’s not a new concept, it’s been present in literally every Halo game with a PvP MP.

I don’t mind the current amount and agree that it’s not spammy compared to past games, there was one game, Halo 3 I believe, where you could carry 2 of each type of grenade as I recall (for up to 8 grenades per person), whereas in Infinite you can only carry 2 of two types of grenades instead of 2 of all four types.

That being said, the grenades do need a balance pass imo. Frag grenade currently does too much damage, 100% of shields and 70% of health if it lands close by, plus too much damage if it doesn’t land close by, and it also is a little too bouncy. Dynamo meanwhile disables vehicles way too quickly if they pass through it, and disables them for too long.

Speaking from my experience, I think it has more to do with the lack of friendly fire.

Since there is no consequence of throwing all of your grenades into tight rooms with your teammates in it, it feels much more common to be bombarded.

This is compounded by the fact that you don’t know if a grenade is friendly or not when it lands at your feet, you have the chance to just stand there since no FF.

I do agree that there are some small changes needed though.

Frags are way too bouncy
Plasmas detonate way too fast on sticks
Dynamo needs a significant Nerf as they completely ruin vehicle play (in addition to the other electric weapons but that’s a different discussion).


Because they are extremely easy to land where you want, the hallways in this game are incredibly narrow on most maps, the blast radius is massive, and the damage is a bit high, and there’s no friendly fire. It used to require really skillful nade placement to start a fight at an advantage, now people can legitimately throw 2 nades and get a kill if they’re dying in a small hallway. It’s really bad

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