Why are there pistol and grenades in Team Snipers?

I have a quick question about Reach Multiplayer: Why do you start out with grenades and a pistol in Team Snipers?
Seriously? Grenades and a pistol with spawn? Team Snipers does not need grenades nor the pistol because on small maps, Team Snipers turns into Team Spam the Grenades and charge with the pistol. It doesn’t make sense. Honestly, Halo 3 spawned with grenades only in Shotty Snipes. Why is it that Bungie thought it was a good idea to include grenades is beyond me.

Theres too much spamming in Snipers and people usually vote for regular snipers and thus, anger ensues.

As far as I’m concerned, the Pistol and grenades mix up the action a little bit. I do understand your perspective though, as I sometimes also appreciate the rare pure Snipers game. I don’t know.

If that doesn’t fancy you, select Snipers Pro. All the sniper, all the time.

I definitely love playing a pure snipers match, but I actually find that pistols and grenades are not really all that much of a problem. Team Snipers is usually about keeping distance between you and the opponent, but on maps like Reflection, I can see where these things would be an issue. That dreaded hallway just calls for grenade spamming. In most scenarios though, using the pistol and grenades often is usually a bad idea. I actually like the pistols because up close sniping fights can be a bit frantic, so it adds a additional dimension to combat.

Because for most people, no-scoping is pretty damn hard at close range. Easier to melee them and finish them off with a pistol headshot.

because whomever made the playlist is an idiot? thats what i’d go with.

i want to play TEAM SNIPERS when i go into TEAM SNIPERS, not team LETS USE PISTOLS CUZ WE CAN.

grenades i dont have a problem with. you only get 1 correct? im almost positive there arent any on the maps either.

> If that doesn’t fancy you, select Snipers Pro. All the sniper, all the time.

when people go into the TEAM SNIPERS playlist they shouldnt have to vote to make the gametype TEAM SNIPERS and not TEAM PISTOLS. its completely illogical. not only that, when you DO vote for ‘snipers pro’ it isnt always on a good map, meaning you can play the gametype that you should have been playing in the first place, but you’ll have to give up map choice in the process.

also, this requires your voted gametype to WIN.

What doesn’t make any sense is that Reflection is a map option for Team Snipers.

Makes more sense than Atom.