Why are there only 10 playlists

For me my biggest complaint of halo 4 is lack of playlist variety and one thing I’ve noticed is that only 10 playlists are active at once, so can someone explain why this is so and when we will see more playlists in the future like Action Sack, Grifball, Assualt, Team Objective, Double Team, Multi Team and Team Snipers

Having fewer playlists is good because it speeds up the process of finding games. The choice of playlists by 343 however, is awful.

Because 343i takes out playlists that don’t meet their population expectations.

Grifball, Doubles, FFA, and Snipers will come over a span of several weeks starting in February, I believe.

> > Hm rotational playlists for doubles and grifball! I’m guessing that there will be people asking for them to be permanent. Be ready! I like the Frankie text.
> > Yay that it’s back!
> >
> > I know Vic Deleon will be happy to play grifball in matchmaking.
> >
> > Do you have a limited amount of playlist hoppers? If so, how many?
> Our optimal number of playlists is ten. That doesn’t mean there will always be that number, but it does mean that’s what we consider most advantageous at this point in time.
> As far as the upcoming rotational playlists go, how long they stick around will be determined by the population they sustain. And that goes for the majority of rotational (and even regular) playlists as well.


This is probably the best answer that I can provide you at this in regards to your question.

> can someone explain why this is so

343 believe that if there are too many playlists the population numbers in a lot of them will be so low that people will struggle to find <mark>quality</mark> matches - ones where good connection and Trueskill matches (performed in the background) are of an acceptable level.

> Because 343i takes out playlists that don’t meet their population expectations.

If that was true then we wouldn’t have 2 Regicide playlists. They put what they want in the game and what they want us to play are the playlists they created. Infinity Slayer, Regicide, Dominion, their version of CTF (no dropping the flag), Flood (their complete overhaul of Living Dead).

None of the old playlists are present in this game.

Right now, they just think 10 is the optimal number of playlists. They’re probably afraid the populations will be too spread out with more than that.