Why are there no weapon skins for non-human weapons?

I guess this topic is pretty straightforward, but why are there STILL no weapon skins For all the different Banished/Forerunner guns? I feel like it’s something people would like, and heck it might be something people would spend money on in the shop. I’m personally a big fan of the Cindershot for instance, and would gladly work on acquiring say a gold one, or a sparkly purple one or something flashy maybe. Maybe some cool gritty Banished skins for all the other guns, who knows. But I mean there are like 50 BR and AR skins now and not that many for other guns so it just feels like an oversight at this point.


I could totally see the Cindershot and Heatwave having different color projectiles/disintegration effects as a customization choice. That would be pretty gnarly.


I like that idea. Something like a negative color effect on the Cindershot that looks like a black hole maybe


Same with vehicles. Its really strange it wasnt in the game.

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It makes little sense why we can only have UNSC weapons when the campaign allows you to get modified versions. Even if it’s only cosmetics, I wish we could have at very least some variant skins, unless they are planning to release these later in multiplayer.

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I have a theory that a future season will be Covenant/Banished themed and introduce skins for the relevant weapons then. It’s just a theory though

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They’ll probably be in the game later on.

this would be sick

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Even halo 4 had alien weapon skins!

Where would weapon charms and “emblems” go on any of the alien guns as well?

Also kill effects maybe aren’t needed because almost all the alien guns have their own unique kill effect, like disintegration or getting skewed!

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I like how in MCC you could have different colored ghosts… there was never a “chopper” skin no?

Maybe they should add kill effects to vehicles!

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Oh I am sure they will eventually. Remember Infinite is supposed to be some ten year platform so plenty of cosmetics are probably on the way.

343 has probably thought about adding non UNSC weapon/vehicle skins but they're not a priority right now because they can't be monetized as easily. After all  how many people would be willing to buy skins for weapons and vehicles that they don't consistently use?

Work for? I sure do hope you mean pay with money. Because its clear as day they aren’t gonna let us have weapon commendations, for anything even remotely cool.

I mean, they’ve released a lot of skins and charms and things for free as well, you just have to play events and get the weekly reward etc.
Most of the skins I use are the free ones, even compared to the ones I paid for.

Ah yes, the fomo grind.

Events, and season passes that lose its free to grind for ability when the next rolls around.

If you use more things than you bought you must not own a ton of bundles, which is a good thing.

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