Why are there missing game modes....

This is just wrong

Halo 5 only has
Slayer (team FFA)
Warzone (doesn’t really count)

Ok I understand no BTB yet. But why doesn’t halo 5 have

Is this what pro team does with halo.? Turn it into slayer no fun allowed the game

Also this isn’t a leak.its all things you can find from 343 info or credible sources

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So nobody cares that pro team and MLG are giving us less game modes than any other halo?

Okay i miss all the other game modes but you need to understand that this isnt just the final game… there releasing a whole load of DLC including maps, forge, REQ’s updates for forge including new pieces and stuff and loads more… i can guarentee game modes will be part of this… we already know BTB is coming soon… very soon! so i wouldnt worry too much… just make the most of whats there now and be patient for all the juicy bits to come in time

The way I see it, quality over quantity.

And weekend social playlists will bring some fun I’m sure

Warzone doesn’t count because it’s a massive brand new game mode and goes against your whining, right?

Whats the point of have these other game types without forge and btb maps. none. they will be added with forge. As for king of the hill thats in the game just under the new territory game mode (what ever its called) settings.

The other game modes might be added later on.

forge won’t be coming in till December.

I believe they also announced that for a year all DLC will be free to download.

I’m honestly ok with Oddball, KotH and Assault and Riccochet coming a bit later - the stuff at Launch will keep me occupied. Seems like an odd choice not to include them though… They really cut some corners in some areas it seems, the good news is, that SHOULD mean we got improvements in other crucial areas (they clearly went balls deep into absolutely perfecting CTF this time around, iteratively)

i miss multi-team the most

You can’t expect to get the whole cake on your first go. Sometimes it’s a good thing to have a slice or two first before getting the rest of it. Things take time and 343 will eventually bring out more game modes and everything they have promised. Developers have done this sort of thing before so there shouldn’t be any worries.

Personally, All i want is Theater for campaign. MCC not having theater for Halo 4’s campaign left me disappointed.