Why are there maps not used in matchmaking?

One of the main complaints I’ve heard about Halo 4 is the map selection. 343 must be aware of this. So why on earth are there three maps included on the disc that aren’t in any matchmaking playlists?

They are forge pallets. Starting Monday, you’ll start to see them pop up…

He may be referring to the map variants of those said forge maps. The one’s 343/Certain Affinity did themselves, I guess as examples.

The maps as put on the disc weren’t ready for matchmaking. Hopefully the community variants finished the job.

Read this, specifically this part:

> Week of 1/21:
> On Monday, Spartan Ops returns with Episode 6, which will contain five new Spartan Ops missions. Also premiering is our <mark>“Community Forge Test” playlist</mark>, which introduces community-made Forge maps into a brand new Matchmaking playlist. These maps have been selected with the assistance of the Community Cartographers as the first batch of community favorites, and this hopper allows you to play a variety of 4 vs. 4 game types, to report bugs and provide feedback that will be reviewed by the Matchmaking Systems Team.