Why are the UNSC still using standard weapons?

Anyone else having a hard time understanding why after all these years and there being so many games, humanity still hasn’t reverse engineered the covenant or forerunner weapons for their use ( or how they can use them :roll_eyes:) and been using the same weapons since the covenant invaded?

They have. It’s not streamlined because reverse-engineering stuff isn’t magic and is very expensive.

I dunno I mean when you find out how to craft something like someone else it shouldn’t be hard to get the materials unless it’s on the alien worlds the Covenant lived on 🤷

It’s sci fi Logic. The factions need to be visually distinct so the weapons aren’t that different in effects even if there’s meant to be a many thousand year tech gap between them.

In Halo 5 they mention trying to convert hard light ammunition to work for their guns; which you can use in multiplayer. However, they still have a huge surplus of existing ammunition so they’re just going through all that before replacing anything.

Basically Space Congress thinks it would cost too much to replace when you have existing weapons and the core prefers old faithful to any fancy plasma gun. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Also you could argue the UNSC was in the middle of a huge rearmament programme, like the Infinity, and this was interrupted by the events of Halo 5. You can’t build new guns if all your AI operated factories and worlds are lost. Though that’s just a guess.

I mean it’s not like they were occupied by an AI with access to Forerunner technology for a year who was handing this out like cake to anybody who followed her; see Grunt Goblin for reference.

Basically I don’t think we’re meant to question this too much.


Ya I guess, it’s just…man listening to the audio logs in infinite while at the revere is depressing and seeing all the destruction and dead bodies on the road just made me think…humanity would be better off if we have space guns lol

The energy shields that come standard with Mjolnir suits since late 2552 were reverse-engineered from Jackal point-defense gauntlets, and initially field tested by Spartan teams Red and Omega in the early years of the Covenant War. This was a significant step forward for the UNSC, especially because it later allowed energy shields to be implemented in ground and air-based vehicles, as well as starships.

The hardlight conversion attachments have already been pointed out, as well as the new ship-to-ship warfare technology featured in Mulsanne-class frigates: the Brightlance reflex laser. You can see it in action on the map Highpower, being used (with admittedly little effect) against a Covenant remnant assault carrier.
(there’s a cannon fodder post about this)

The UNSC Infinity also made use of Forerunner engine technology, as well as a complement of Huragok Engineers.


But shields and ships aren’t good enough watch npc battles Halo Infinite and see how marines with standard issue assault rifles do against them, sometimes they win but mostly they don’t as since we are going canon it’s mostly don’t and yet they do not advance their technology but use the same vehicles and weapons, but from what total war says it’s just because it is cheaper since they have it around anyway 🤷

I agree its a far stretch after all the promethean cross variants that literallly already exist in halo 5. Now because 343i essentially retconed the entire halo 5 story, they also did so with all the weapon and vehicle varients… I can understand why with halo 5 being one of the worst received games in the entire series. But it still doesnt make much sense to take one step forward and 3 steps back over and over again. Just like the change from Reach to 4 when they 1st took over. Its one thing to always talk about your ambitions, its a whole other story to literally never deliver on it.

I know. Realistically if the Created were defeated or destroyed there should be tons of Forerunner technology around for them to reverse engineer and captive AI with working knowledge of it. Plus all the stockpiles of older ships and munitions in storage are precisely the sort of thing the Created would have likely scrapped to disarm the UNSC. Really all their stuff would need to be new. The actual issue would be having factories operational to build new kit, which they seem to have managed anyway without owning any planets. :thinking:

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because they are the best human utility of the year 2555.
they are weapons of mass destruction.

the AR spreads 360 rounds in 2 seconds.

Money. It’s very expensive to make that kind of stuff, and alot of that reverse-engineering research went into the Spartan branch and Naval assets.

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Man what a waste it is :pensive:

It’s Halsey fault messing up with the “Janus Key” leading to one of the “absolute records facilities” if she just did the test humanity would have the Arsenal of the Forerunners and obtained the mantle, they would have defeated the created when they arise and the banished but nooooooo! :roll_eyes:

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Infantry just get it harder I suppose :pensive:

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Yet can’t stop the banished :roll_eyes:

no: u can’t stop the endless.

its an advanced civilization,
not a mutually developed since the RINGS civilization
that will come back with an innate hatred of the Reclaimers. and the Reclaimers that return will be Feudalist Imperials.

and Deaths_Shadow74
I don’t mean to make the game less pleasing for you, - ( its something that crosses my mind every time i insult people who wine about the market. Which is a great thing. I love the market. The layout isn’t pref, but has a great place, in fact not enough access from pvp menues, but, being seperate from the GRIND its fantastic… (I HAVENT PLAYED MCC since it got a market****: my CD was scratched by the xboxone the first time I inserted it and when my XBOX ONE blew up in the summer, i havent been able to reinstall.) )

  • but it’s not about funding. its about 500 years of tech research and that’s our arsenal.

ENDLESS is the biggest threat, and infinite JUST STARTED***.
the flood don’t hunt like ENDLESS can. in space.

“Endless are worse then the flood”

Please :roll_eyes: a parasitic organism that can consume all life cannot be compared to a alien civilization that all we know looks like the harbinger and her skirmishers (who were not that hard to kill), there has to be another reason why and I think it’s because they can control time

Why? Examples:

  • their name endless
  • because of what the Edict said
  • the cylixs look like clocks

And why I think 343i is doing this is because like someone said (I’m sorry if I don’t remember your name who said this) Atriox is basically Thanos and it’s leading to a infinity war ending :roll_eyes:

yeah, the flood is worse. the Rings were to deal with it,
the Endless already lost to the Forerunners.

but as far as an imminent Galaxtic warefare threat***.

Like I said Master Chief killed the Harbinger and her little buddies with ease plus we all forgot to factor this…where is Warden Eternal :thinking:


I mean, if they weren’t trying to tie up Halo 5 story, I d assume he’d just go on a rampage. His whole thing is he hates humanity and makes no secret of that. Cortanas the only real reason he goes along with this plan and in the comic Tales from Slipspace it’s shown that she effectively reprogrammed him when she took over the Domain. So whatever hold she had would disappear I guess. Perhaps he just goes back to guarding the Domain. Perhaps he’s the one who killed all the Created in the Domain once Cortanas influence was broken by her death. No idea.

Hey, maybe in season 2 of multiplayer he’s just going to rock up at the Johnson Academy and fight the multiplayer Spartans. Maybe he’s looking for Zeta Halo same as your multiplayer characters. So it’s a like a race between the two.