Why are the servers suddenly broken?

Yes, this is yet another server complaint post. Yes, I know about the server complaint thread. No, I don’t believe 343 reads it (or the ban thread) and no I don’t believe a group of IT professionals should need my game clips to isolate and resolve their server issues. My question is, why after 11 months of relatively quality matchmaking has it all gone to pieces in the last month? Are they dedicating less network resources to Halo 5? Did xbox live reallocate resources to other games? I’m not an IT guy, but it’s obvious something changed. Every weekend for a month when I get on full 8-12 man fireteams someone drops out nearly every match. The ones who are lucky enough to stay in the match have lag spikes, hit detection issues, teleporting players, screen freezes, etc. When I’m solo I have the same issues. When the outcome of a 1v1 can be determined by 1 missed shot, and the match can be determined by that 1v1, the game just isn’t enjoyable to play right now. Myself and most of the guys I play with are SR148 or so, and love Halo 5. Some are leaving due to frustration. Halo 5 is getting close to TMCC as far as multiplayer game quality, and 343’s response is unfortunately similar. “We are aware…” “Coming soon…”. That isn’t good enough. Fix it or we leave.

It’s seemed like with the release of every update since launch, the MM has gotten slightly more and more unstable… then they go and release an update that doesn’t even do anything but is apparently “for collecting data” to determine what’s wrong with the game lol.

People are getting tired of THAT type of nonsense. It’s like 343 releases things to cover themselves, just to look proactive, while no real progress is made…