Why are the Halo stats always a nightmare?

Seriously, I thought these problems would be fixed for Halo 4. Total inconsistency between stats. Played about 10 games today that just arn’t being registered on my service record. The best part is that my spartan rank is still being updated, and all the daily/weekly/monthly challenge stuff is being updated, but not my actual service record. Would it be to much trouble to just run all the stats the same way?

Seriously 343, why is this always such a problem?

Happened to me day one. Said I played 8 games when I played well over 20. That’s what you get when you don’t beta test servers.

Yea, pretty annoying. It just doesn’t make sense to me that in some ways, stats can be tracked fine (ie the Monthly Challenge for wins is tracking all my wins), but on the other hand my service record record is not. You’d think the two would be consistently tracked and accurate, and if one was not operating properly, it could reconcile from the other one.