Why are the DLC maps ba played on matchmaking

I bought all the DLCs, and we always play on default maps.


Check out which playlists have DLC maps and search in those.

Halo 4 doesn’t always guarantee match ups with other DLC owners in Matchmaking, so that is why DLC isn’t showing up - you have to find a game where all players have DLC.

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Well a GOOD solution that will never bring this problem again it’s setting DLC playlist active forever, as other playlists like Team Slayer. People deserves a right treatment for paying for the DLC’s, this game needs to improve with the service.

AVBRules4ever, there is no need to bring every DLC topic to the front page, its not gonna make 343 take you, or the rest of the DLC minority any more serious. In fact all it will do is get you banned from the forum. You will be lucky if a 343 employee actually replies to you, since this is a community form, mainly occupied by regular payers like you or me. 343 employees very rarely venture into this side of the forums, so you posts are basically falling on deaf ears.