Why are the Bots thrown into games so garbage?

In all seriousness here.
I get that you don’t want to have a ‘god’ bot take over when someone leaves… but how in the hell is a set of bots in the last game I just played (I’m going to use these specifically to show my point) so absolutely ridiculously garbage? I mean they are worse than bronze.

  1. ‘343 Sandwolf’ On my team.
    KDA = -4.0
    Kills = 0
    Deaths = 4
    Assists = 0
    Accuracy = 6.25%
    Number Shot = 64
    Number Hit = 4
    Damage dealt = 80
    Damage taken = 882
    Occupation time = 0 seconds

  2. ‘343 Chaco’ On the other team.
    KDA = -1.0
    Kills = 0
    Deaths = 1
    Assists = 0
    Accuracy = 4.54%
    Number Shot = 44
    Number Hit = 2
    Occupation time = 3 seconds
    Damage dealt = 6
    Damage taken = 424

This is just ridiculous, it’s free kills for the other team in slayer, and doesn’t help in any manner during any objectives. Can there be SOME sort of buff that helps with this during these? Hell, I had a game earlier where it was me and 2 others, with a bot THE ENTIRE GAME. He literally got farmed because he was so garbage.


One time I had a bot grab the oddball and walk directly at the enemy team. Bot’s feel like an active gimp for a team.


EXACTLY! It’s like they want to punish the team that lost their teammate. Lmao


Bots should definitely be ODST, and possibly Spartan for high level play. There is no perfect solution for a player leaving, obviously, but the solution they have now is worse than doing nothing.

I agree, I’m not sure on the ODST skill level, because they aren’t good unless there are multiple in the bot arena.

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It’s a tough balance. ODST aren’t amazing, but they can compete with newer players. Spartan level bots can dunk on new players. I’m not sure the best level for the most people, but I know it’s not marine.

Yeah, I had a bot on my team the other day with 1 kill and 18 deaths… I would have preferred 3v4. Their skill level needs a boost big time.

ODST for unranked, and Spartan for ranked sounds right.

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