Why are teammate consistently bad?

I never understand how teams are always so one sided.

Tonight I’ve gotten clapped in every single team match I’ve played. It’s not even just been a loss but completely one sided. How does SBMM make these matches so unfair.

I feel like I complain about how messed up my SBMM is on this forum nearly every damn week at this stage and I’m sick of it. I just want to win a game.

  • BTB CTF: 13th with 14 kills & 15 deaths
  • Quick Play CTF: 5th with 18 kills & 13 deaths
  • Quick Play KotH: 5th with 22 kills & 9 deaths
  • Quick Play CTF: 7th with 26th kills & 15 deaths

If you look at the ranks of people on Halo Tracker, you’ll even see that the teams are one sided too. Like what even is this game. Social games should never have hidden MMR, EVER.

because it is a well known fact that 90% of players in any game are bad at it, this could be just because they are new and don’t know the mechanics, they are older and have slower reflexes (like me), they lack some sense that is built up or un teach able like map sense or knowledge of when and how to prefire.

there are many things that make people bad especially when teamed with randoms.

Most of the time these can be solved by teaming up with friends who you know the weaknesses of so you can actively work around that. but with randoms you don’t know the players weakness or strength so you might end up hurting them as much as they hurt you.

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What he’s saying in regards to the OP is that there’s no real solution and the sbmm matchmaker deliberately puts decent players with terrible ones in order to “balance” games. Even though all that happens is that the game will most of the time stack a team with pseudo pros and your team will have you, and 3 other guys who don’t have thumbs.


For me, it’s either I get really close matches that are really fun and enjoyable, or I get gunned down the second I respawn and get frustrated.

I don’t know how they set these matches up but it’s been really making me mad and hate the game. I accept that I’m not the best Halo player out there (I’m actually average at best) buy to keep on getting thrown into matches that aren’t even balanced is not cool.

It goes both ways too. I played a couple matches a week ago, and I could tell that the other team was nowhere close to my teams skill level. Two members of the opposing team quit, and it just stayed as a 4v2 match. It wasn’t fun at all.

343 definitely needs to get a better handle on this.

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