Why are SWAT & Snipers Slayer Only?

Title says it all. Why are SWAT and Team Snipers slayer only playlists? Why have we never considered CTF, Oddball or any other objective game types? Am I missing something, or is this the variety these playlists desperately need?

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Because imagine how many broken controllers you would get once you pick up the enemy flag only to be one-tapped upon picking up the flag and thus all that effort to get behind the enemy line was wasted.

Imagine having to play keep-away but as soon as you are hit, you are out and the Oddball is dropped.

The frustration of having to control a zone but there is no cover to speak of in the holographic square/circle. So as soon as you are spotted by the enemy, you are sniped from existence with a single tap of a 10mm Sidekick?

Objectives aren’t fun when you put so much effort into trying to get to them, only to die as soon as you barely make any sort of lee-way to begin with.

Not to mention, the amount of camping you would see from one or more players playing hard-defense of their own flag would be at INSANE levels. I can see the strategy meta being to have three of your teammates camp your objective while sending out one player to go and fetch the flag. If both teams do this strat, then you would have an endless stalemate, since as soon as the lone guy reaches the enemy flag area; he or she gets triple-headshot from multiple angles.


Any objective game mode with SWAT was but miserable and would probably see an even higher quit percentage. I imagine some objective games like Oddball and CTF would be okay on Snipers but because the game modes revolve around very fast TTK it would make the objectives almost obsolete.

Can you imagine having the ball in a SWAT game and being absolutely helpless? You’re a walking free kill for anyone. I’d stay a million miles away from that and I already hate SWAT enough as it is.

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Gotta give it to Bambi here. Until we can do LARGE team swat battles I don’t forsee objectives becoming a thing. And even then the best I could see is maybe is a game mode like a bomb escort.

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BTB Snipers CTF

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I’m not necessarily saying we should ask for OBJ SWAT or Snipers playlists with the current settings. These modes would have to be carefully tuned to work properly, but I think they could be quite fun with the correct settings.

Things like OBJ carrier mobility and health would have to be carefully tuned and tested.


You still have the problem of team mates

Hear me out.

Your have the ball and let’s say all 3 off your team mates are with you somehow. The ball gives you a 2 shoot deflective rating for the head. Meaning it takes 3 shots and your movent is at a slider of 115- 120.

You aren’t my objective. Your teammates are. If my team drops your team mates, which will likely happen fast, you’re left alone. Even if I lose a few my squad will still spawn in your way, and your team will likely not get there fast enough.

I’m not saying it’s not a bad idea. It’s just practicality is hard here. See, in these modes teamwork is essential. And if one member can thrive and the others can’t. He soon will be on his own and suffering.

It’s one of the reason Griff ball can last as long as it does tbh. The ball carrier has better health and movement but without the defense of a team you could drop REAL quick

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That would be a good balance, but it would still have the issue of players camping the objective to pop off anyone who gets too close. I can easily see the first two minutes of a match going by without anyone picking up an objective because players won’t stop camping the approach.

Other things that could easily be adjusted are:

Respawn timers,
OBJ reset timers

Or we could get into some crazier settings :smiling_imp:

Imagine BTB Oddball, but the Oddball is stuck in the rear compartment of a Razorback. In order to possess the ball you have to drive the vehicle.

Or very specific gamemodes like One Flag or One Bomb where both teams are essentially playing tug of war over the objective.

Still leads to the same issue of “Instant headshot kills are allowed, everyone is going to cluster around the objective in order to secure it, so camping is going to become the meta to ensure that no one can approach the objective to secure it in the first place.”

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UI limitations.

They basically coded infinite’s UI for a very small selection of items on-screen at a time.

Bad move.

I’d play swat/snipers with objectives. It’s weird it ain’t ever occurred to me in twenty years. Will have to bring it up at the next customs night.

One of the earliest custom game settings Bungie showed off for Halo Reach was the ability to set vehicles as the KotH hill in Forge, isn’t that basically the same?

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Because it’s not gonna be fun to get 1tapped for objective modes?


Please dont give them any more weird ideas on how to mess up some classic Playlists.