Why are ricochet medals missing on waypoint?

For most (all?) other gametypes, if you get a medal in a game and see it on the post-game screen, you can also see it on waypoint. But in ricochet, a bunch of the medals are missing. Including “running goal”, “throwing goal”, and “passing assist”; which I think would matter 'cause those are all important for how you contribute to the team effort and pull out a win. Unless y’all want to encourage everybody to just focus on kills even more in objective playlists, then goodjob. So, where can I find those medals? If they are hidden, why? If it was just an oversight, can y’all fix it? Thanks.

Also, I didn’t see a halowaypoint subforum anymore so didn’t really know where to put this.

To be honest, stats seem kind of clunky and slow.

The speed of the stats isn’t the problem in this case, it’s more that 343 apparently doesn’t want to record these medals anywhere.