Why are people defendin the store and stuff

youre literally defendin payin 20 bucks for the same armor that was free in reach and mcc. what just cause the game is ftp makes it totally okay that you can now spend the 60 bucks you woulda spent on the game on 3 whole armor sets?

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The pricing is completely out of touch!

But there are way too crazy fanboys out there who will swallow everything and defend it. I would even consider myself a halo-fanboy, but stuff like the store prices are hard to justify even for me.

The only good thing is, it makes you laugh even harder seeing people paying that much money for crap like cat ears.

Sadly because of these people the games who don’t deserve a success are still succeeding financially. Activision earns about $5+ mil a DAY from Warzone, and EA with FIFA has $1+ bil revenue per year just from the MTX alone. So these are the profits Infinite is after.
As long as people keep buying things will never change. In fact the companies will only get more brazen because no matter what kind of broken game they dish out people are still buying the mtx and making $$$ profits for the said companies.

Sadly it’s what the new gaming generation has been brought up with so they think it’s ok.

I will buy the premium battle pass and any campaign dlc but that’s it

I won’t touch the store

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i remember talkin to this one dude who was proud that he spent 700 bucks on fortnite

Its normally fan boys and stupid people. We all know its wrong, expensive and shouldn’t be in a halo game. But cause we complain these people will purposely spend the money in the store to support it then criticize us for not supporting it. I would have no problem supporting the store if the price was no more than £5 maximum and it was a proper store with items on there and not the beta store which we still have.

I have no clue other than the fact that they have nothing else to spend their money on and see it as an acceptable business practice. Brainwashed to them by modern gaming industries.

It’s pretty abhorrent if you ask me with absolutely no justification for the store, it’s shady and obviously predatory on your money.