Why are our spartans being treated like CoD Operators?

343 -

I’ve been playing the game since Day 1, so only 9-10 days? One major complaint I have, besides all the battle pass XP grinding and Tenrai event only allowing me to progress “so far” before not being able to at all is the armoring system.

I don’t understand why you made our armor pieces and coatings specific to specific spartan models. Majority of the previous halos have allowed 100% customization. I find it less likely that I would buy anything from the store if I can not be in 101% control of my spartan appearance. Can this be fixed?

Is it monetarily driven because Free-To-Play? Understand that this is a trend but you shouldn’t be punishing a loyal player base.

I get the feeling that more and more “freemium-gaming” is ruining the games that everyone loves by forcing you to pay for more and more of what used to come with a $60 game.

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