why are movements counting as abilities

why are movements becoming the abilities seems really stupid.every character should know how to slide and sprint,its basic knowledge.now clamber sounds cool if u can stick to walls like a spider or something.charge sounds cool but seems useless if u cant reach full velocity to do it.and what about smart scope don’t mind it but if ur saying im trying to snipe and someone with a pistol really far away tinks me with it .im screwed because i keep getting de scoped cmon.ground pound seems to look decent enough(seems like a lot of our abilities are coming from destiny now)(no actually abilities seem to take place of their own so far).thruster pack seems cool for dodging and whatnot. not dissing it just promising if the story isn’t good im getting rid of it and not playing anything after it.i love halo series and destiny but im not feeling wowed and im paying 250 dollars on this so i just like to get what i’m paying for just saying

The abilities are perfect

I have no issues with the abilities, the only one I’m not to sure about it the Charge, I just don’t see many combat implications, so I’m glad it’s used for exploring around the map.

Descoping should always be a thing. With every weapon. And it is funny how some movement implementations are an ability while others are always active. I feel ya on that.

Mobility is the new edge in fps games: love it or hate it. It adds another layer of skill and makes the game more dynamic.