Why are most of my challenges still Land Grab?

OK, so we just finished an event in which you had to play Land Grab and most of the challenges were all about land grab, so now the event is over and most of my challenges, you guessed it, go and do something in Land Grab. I can’t stand that game, if you want to find some cheaters go play some Land Grab.

Speaking of cheaters, there is another company (won’t mention them by name) that just settle a multi-million dollar lawsuit against a well-known cheat maker, how about getting on that Microsoft. And also give me the option of whether or not to enable or disable cross-play for Halo Infinite, the PC is where cheaters are coming from, at least spare console users the agony of playing against cheaters. I like the PC, it’s easy to install Arch Linux.

Because the Land Grab challenges were added to the regular challenge pool and since the season introduced it, someone likely coded it so that Land Grab challenges are going to be overtaking other challenges.

Kinda like how Fiesta challenges took center stage last season.


I feel ya. Land Grab is okay for a couple matches, but damn it gets boring to play.

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The good about land grab is, that matches dont last very long. And you can work on specific weapon kill challenges.

I’ve quite enjoyed Land Grab.

It kind of relies on team co-ordination - so it’s much more fun in a squad. Nothing worse than playing solo and seeing four players head to the same grab.

Using it buff up my Sidekick skills…

That is where much of the problem lies, playing with randoms sometimes there is little to no teamwork. I have played with some decent randoms though, people that have figured it out and get why we are on a team. Win or lose, those games are good.

There is nothing worse than you and a teammate attempting to capture a zone, and you see several of the other players coming for your location, and then your teammate decides to bugger off, leaving you alone, and then most of the time you die and lose the position. Let’s promote mic use.

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Yep. Played some earlier in the week with three mates. So two reasonable players and two not very good ones. We split into pairs and co-ordinated which targets to hit. And then when to peel off to the remaining target.

I think we lost one and won three games.

Was a lot of fun!

Because nothing is more rage inducing than defending and almost capping a zone, only to be narrowly killed and spend the next 10 seconds on your respawn screen watching the enemy team set up a beach chair and easily capture the game winning zone. If there is one thing we’ve learned learned about 343, it’s that they love to induce range in their player base, especially through challenges.