Why are Haven's starting spawns Asymmetric?


At 1:35, he shows that one team spawns on the Sun Ramp area

At 1:45, he shows where the other team spawns, in the back ramp area by the mohawk thing.

This means that the starting spawns are asymmetric on an otherwise symmetric map.

There has never been a symmetric map like this where the starting spawns were so unbalanced. The closest thing is beaver creek where one team spawns on the side with the rock arch and even beaver creek isn’t technically symmetrical since one side gets the big rocket arch.

Why didn’t they just spawn players across from each other like they did in Zealot, Heretic, Pit, Citadel, Narrows, Isolation, Countdown, and pretty much every other symmetric map in the Halo Series?

After the EGL even, the european pros commented that the team that spawns the sun ramp has a huge disadvantage off the start because they have to fight uphill and they only have two choices (bottom mid and top mid) to go, while the other team gets more cover, and 6 choices (bottom mid, top mid, Bottom left hall, Bottom Right hall, Top left hall, and top right hall)

It just makes no sense to me that they would create this imbalance off the start of the game.

I hope this is only slayer specific, because this would not work for flag. Flag is supposed to be symmetric unless if it is 1-Flag. Every previous Halo has had it that way and that is what is most balanced.

I pray that the flag gametype is not like this because it will put one team at a huge disadvantage.

Here we go

That is Strange :confused:

> That is Strange :confused:

I know. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.