Why are Haven spawns uneven?

The spawns on Haven spawn the blue team at a disadvantage because they can only go straight up or straight down through the middle. The red team is spawned on the other side where they can go left, right, straight up, or straight down.

The red/blue spawns could be at the sides of Haven to be even and fair to both teams… but they’re not.

Why 343???

This is one of the most puzzling things I’ve seen so far in Halo 4 and makes me question whoever did the Haven spawns.

I… don’t know.
The games always start off odd on Haven.

It is like they tried making it spawn like we were going to play 1Flag or something.

Why on Abandon does Red team get the high side and can also reach ring 3 faster, while Blue team has an uphill battle?

I don’t know how developers still can’t get the basics right.

I don’t understand this either. Why must maps that are symmetrical sideways have completely wrong spawns? It should always be spawning on the identical sides, not on high ground/low ground just because those areas are probly North and South.