Why are footsteps so quiet?

LSS’ lack of radar really made me realize: multiple ton suits of armor walking on solid metal flooring really sounds quiet in this game. Like, barely audible at all out of the speakers of my TV at normal listening volumes. And I know sprinting is audible, but I’m talking about regular ol’ walking. I even booted up Halo 5 to check if this was just something 343 does now that I forgot about, but nope, every solitary step is audible. Just seems like, if walking makes any noise at all, that it’d be an obvious performance disparity between people playing with TV speakers and those with quality headphones. Just seems like a balancing oversight.

There’s definitely an advantage to having headphones and the Dolby Atmos app.

Even just knowing the direction of the sounds.

I feel like walking made more noise before Season 2 though. I may be making that up.

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I don’t know. I like having footsteps at a reasonable level, but I don’t necessarily want them to be SUPER loud. Modern Warfare 2019 had a huge problem of footstep audio being very loud even at far ranges which made camping a much more desirable strategy due to the free information about player locations you got from being quiet.

Also if I remember correctly, it’s canon that Spartans, despite being heavy in terms of sheer weight, can actually move surprisingly gracefully and quietly if they wish (outside of full-on sprinting). On top of that: their energy shielding covers every inch of them, with the soles and hands just being thinner. Having shielding on the soles of their feet reduces traction (and thus noise) with the ground.

I know the lore reason, it just doesn’t make sense from a gameplay perspective. What you brought up with MW ‘19 is fair because in CoD you have high TTKs, but it doesn’t apply to Halo as the shield system is intentionally there to allow you to react. One of Halo’s unique gameplay characteristics was how nerfed ambush tactics are compared to other shooters simply because of how much information the player receives about their surroundings. Changes like making footsteps quieter or making radar only 18 meters run directly contradictory to those principles.