Why are achievements tied to service record here?

Seriously… why…

My service record for MCC has worked fine since day one… today it starts saying I have not played TMCC.

All of my in-progress achievements have been wiped from the game showing 0% completion for everything. Seriously… who is the genius that thought this would be a good idea??? What was wrong with the same static achievement system that every other game has been using.

Ya I got the tough luck skull on tsavo highway and the achievement won’t unlock. I’ve had achievements that would say “done unlocking” and I would get them later and then I have had achievements that simply unlock but don’t alert me on my screen this one shows its completed but has a lock icon on it? So I’m like screwed out of getting it I have tried multiple times.

in regards to your post I noticed the new achievements such as get 100 killing sprees and 2,500 assists are paired to the service record which is a horrible idea. I’ve counted up my head shots to somewhere around 2400 but I’m hesitant to even play again to unlock this or any other achievements for that matter in fear that they will get stuck like my tough luck skill problem.

they release more game types today but don’t fix what they already have which is as you can see causing more problems. Ridiculous just fix achievements and your online I feel like if I play campaign on my master chief saga it will skip progress count on a mission causing me to restart so I literally have not been playing due to this… 343i disappointed…

Same problem here. I have two achievments that I’ve completed and yet it shows up under my locked achievments despite it having a 100% reading.