Why and how we should implement a Community Forge Playlist into matchmaking.

Ever since Halo 3 brought the Halo community forge, it has completely changed the way we play the game. It has brought us an endless amount of maps and content that can now be integrated into matchmaking. The question is why are we not uploading these maps into matchmaking? Forging maps is giving us plenty of fun and new ways to play gametypes and gives users a premium experience.

The answer lies with something that seems to happen when too many forge items are placed on a map - the frame rate drops. This causes all the flashing textures that appear on a map when it contains too many forgeable objects. What can make this even worse is when guests are placed on the map. Four players on one xbox can almost make a forged map unplayable. Therefore, the only matchmaking playlists that contain forged maps (with a few exceptions) are The Arena, Double Team, Actionsack, Team Classic, Griffball, Team Slayer, MLG, Big Team Battle. The reason is these playlists contain a local party (on one Xbox) max player count of 2 where other playlists allow for 4 players on one Xbox. Playlists with a local party max of 2 allows for forged maps because the frame rate doesn’t usually drop much with 2 player split-screen as opposed to 4 player split-screen.

Therefore, if we wanted to create Forge Community Playlist it would have to be two player local party so forged maps could be playable without a frame rate drop. The only general maps would be Forge World and Tempest (NOT DLC required). The gametypes I believe would suite the playlist would really be based by the maps made by the community, however, should be limited to competitive play: Slayer, Slayer DMRs, Elite Slayer, Snipers, SWAT, 1 Flag CTF, Multi Flag, CTF Classic, Neutral Flag, Neutral Bomb, 1 Bomb Assault, Multi Bomb Assault, Oddball, Hot Potato, 3 Plots, Crazy King, Stockpile, Headhunter.


Well this sounds great. But do we really need another playlist?
Well my response is we already have 3 all slayer playlists. Do we really need 3 all slayer playlists when we don’t even have one community playlist? I believe removing regular Team Slayer would be a good way to reduce the playlist count. However, that may only do more damage than good because just because we removed a slayer playlist doesn’t mean those players will play this playlist. There maybe enough Reach players currently to add this playlist. Plus with Halo: CEA, more people will return to Reach and who knows what forging abilities will be available from the new maps.

How would maps be submitted for testing?
The best bet based on the way these forums are designed is to have one pinned post available in the Multiplayer/Forge forum that would be moderated by 343i employees and updated constantly to filter out old or unformatted maps. The original post would have the guidelines on how to submit the map.