Why am I stuck at level 120?

I am currently missing the Tracker specialization and am stuck at level 120. (It is not even on the list…)

Is anyone else experiencing the same problem, or know anyway to fix this?

I wish I could help you because if this was me I’d be screaming.

Haha, yes, I was a little irritated…but afer having shut down the console twice it has finally decided to appear and is working, soo issue over.

Mods can lock this.

all of the specializations have not been released yet.
Only some people (including me)got a special code to unlock all the specializations.
soooo i think you’re going to be stuck ate 120 until the tracker specialization is released to everyone.

I did buy the limited edition and have the code for all of them. I guess tracker was just derpy, because it works fine now. Thank you.

Well it works now but if anyone has any issues about it in the future try redownloading the specializations.

Locked at OP’s request.