Why am I still forced to play against controllers and their aimbot except 1 game mode ?

I know for a fact that at least 25% of the players left the video game because of this… I don’t want to hear the queue times argument so many players stopped playing because of that. I don’t have a single friend playing this game and multiple of those who played said the game was great but none of them plays anymore… I wonder why. The gameplay is very good I have to accept that because it’s objectively true but the fact that it’s made to sell controllers literally cuts the population by a lot. Queue times would not be a problem with the additional amount of players if there was 2 queues and good future content to bring people back but ffs I literally have a passionate hate towards the people killing me that easily without missing a single headshot when we keep jumping right and left.

With the bad start that this game currently have a lot of it comes from this, the game will die if it isn’t changed and the extra year of development was basically just a waste of time except for the campaign but the problem is that the game is free to play. So none of this works at all as long as PC will play against unfair advantage.

If it’s coming from above and Microsoft can’t make that move then the game is already dead to me.

GL HF … I actually think 343 has good intentions and I understand Microsoft… what I don’t understand is how none of the damage control was predicted from that when it’s clear AF that the aim assist literally create more problems.

Have you actually played on controller?

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Does skill based matchmaking not exist for keyboard warriors?

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You mean crossplay. Yeah it solves the population decline a lot quicker than most, but introduces more balancing issues.

So we won some and lost some so to speak.

Claiming controller aim assist is anywhere an aim bot is crazy.

  1. Infinite has lower aim assist values than H5 and H4 without a doubt.
  2. When opponents slide aim assist doesn’t work on them.
  3. When you’re not matching strafe direction with your opponent aim assist doesn’t work on them.
  4. When you jump aim assist doesn’t track opponents.
  5. When their shields breaks aim assist disables on the opponent untill you give your weapon a moment to recover bloom

But sure, you’re not losing because of your map positioning, sandbox usage, or team cooperation. It’s controller players :woozy_face: