why am i still banned from halo 3 matchmaking

when halo 3 first came out i had a very poor broadband connection and was permantly banned from matchmaking which was a good few years ago but since then i have changed my broadband provider but im still banned contacted bungie ages ago and was told that was the reason for my ban but recently i phoned xbox live explained what happened and was told to post on this forum to get my ban lifted could some one please help i dont want to cancel my xbox live account because of the long time that ive had it xbox live told me to do this my email is kevin.hollands@tesco.net kind regards master in ryan

You got banned for having a bad connection? Thats rediculous

Are you sure you weren’t manipulating connections?

I’ve never seen proof of someone being banned from Halo 3 just because they had a bad connection, in all cases it was because they were manipulating connections (bridging and standbying).

They ban consoles and gammertags and in extreme cases IP address’s not ISP’s.

Changing your ISP would not void your ban

that is what bungie told me at the time not my gaming or behaviour just poor broadband connection im just banging my head against a wall no one seems to be able to help my gamertag and account has been permanatly banned and you cant apeal then but xbox have told me it can now be lifted but who do i contact tried xbox but they said to do that email and someone should be able to help