Why am i punished for being good?

Exactly what the title says, for the last week i have been gimped on my progress through the game as when you complete all your weekly challenges there is no more until the reset.
This is horrible game design, i now have to play 20 games for a level or pay money to level up until the challenges reset.
Why is it that because i can finish them all in a timely manner i must now wait a week if i want meaningful progress anymore.
Its really disheartening to play all day with friends to achieve one battlepass level in total, max i can do a day is two if my wife is on a long shift.
Really feels like a way to push people to buy tier skips, really all they have to do is give constant rotating challenges or throw ones ive already done back into the fray, its not hard at all.


Or they could actually add daily challenges. Which I expect them to do because the 50xp per match was a bandaid fix which only fixed xp gain for people who played more than, what, 15 matches?


I’m sorry this is happening to you.


remember when reach gave you several xp bonuses for winning, performing well, and completing challenges?

how was this game released after that with 10 years of hindsight


sounds like they are pushing microtransactions

Personally I think they are hindering battlepass progression for whatever reason, either:

  • This pass will last a little longer than their planned battlepass seasons and they don’t want to create a content drought by rushing through it. (Although this doesn’t stack because you can BUY your way through it, and people have done just that)
  • They’re hindering progress so that XP boosts and challenge swaps are more appealing.
  • They made a genuine design choice to limit progress per week. (Not sure why perhaps someone has a better idea)

I have finished my weekly challenges in two days, so believe me, it has nothing to do with being good :joy:

But yeah, 343 has a problem with people with too much time on their hands grinding the six-month battle-pass in a couple weeks.

They have no problem at all with people with too much money on their hands spending their way up to level 100 in a couple days, though.


People keep telling me the grind is justified because 343 doesnt want us to finish it in a few weeks, but yet they have no problem letting people buy all the way to tier 100.


If it was so easy for them to make it 50xp per game then its just as easy to make it 100xp per game. No way should i need to play 20 games for a level up


I’m not even mad about the 50xp per game, even though I agree with you that after you finish the weekly challenges all your progression pretty much halts. They should at least offer more daily challenges related to winning or playing well.

The thing that bugs me the most, though, is that I’m convinced that they are rigging the RNG to hinder your progression in weekly challenges that depend on playing a specific type of game. There are too many complaints about, for example, CTF pretty much disappearing from the pool of arena games at the moment you unlock a challenge for killing the flag carriers. I know my maths, I calculated probabilities below 1:1000 of people getting the kind of bad streaks they were getting due to pure luck.

This game is designed from the ground up to annoy you and make you buy skips for challenges… I don’t believe for one moment that we got on this state by accident. 343 is not run by amateurs, they’re intelligent, experienced professionals who knew exactly what they were doing.


They should offer things for winning, period right now there’s very little incentive to even play the game who cares if you win if you get 50xp no matter what like for me whose just waiting for the challenges to reset i could just start a game and sit at the back of the map… i have no incentive to win…

I personally think that the best way to do this is to give XP rewards for game wins and medals earned. This would likely require the entire battle pass system to be adjusted for the new influx of steady XP gains outside of challenges, though.

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Pretty sure the Battlepass progress is hindered so you don’t finish it in a week or two (mind the exaggeration).

I don’t agree with it though and I find it very anti-consumer, especially with all things considered.

Progress is hindered as a means to drive you towards the snap judgement to say F*** it and spend money on Swaps, Boosts, Grants, Cosmetics, you name it.

It’s even worse. You have to play 25+ matches for it to be better than what it used to be. That’s right. 50xp every game actually made progression WORSE. Let’s hope the bandaid fix doesn’t last too much longer and actual changes roll out in the next couple of weeks.


Yes, The entire pass has been designed exactly for this reason. there is no “feels like”. That’s PRECISELY why it is made like it is.


I fully understand what you’re getting at and right now I don’t really have any incentive to play the game because it’s just such a slow grind to get to the next level but it is just a beta and the developers have said that they’ve been listening to the complaints and suggestions so hopefully when the game releases it’ll have a lot of these issues fixed and hopefully add an actual progression system into the game not just the battle pass and make it to where completing a game actually is fulfilling and gives you good amounts of XP rather than 50 XP per match regardless of if you lost or won

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I’m not sure if that’s the real reason I personally think it’s more just to entice people to buy the levels rather than just playing the game for them because they could have easily done the battle pass a lot better than making the battle pass 100,000 XP all together they could have made it to where the first rank is like 100 XP and then it slowly climbed more and more the more you ranked up same as the MCC which has a really good progression system in my opinion though the only problem I have with it is once you hit a certain point you no longer get any seasonal points to unlock things you only get them from challenges

If you can tell me honestly that prior to Halo Infinite dropping, you wanted nothing more than to pick it up to level up a battlepass, then I’ll concede my argument. I highly doubt that’s the case though.

Ranking up your battle pass has nothing to do with being halfway decent.

If you want a visual representation of your skill, play ranked.


I completed the weekly challenges early as well, but have not been too disheartened. Honestly when playing with friends, I am playing Halo for the gameplay and having so much fun doing so. I found it more enjoyable when I wasn’t thinking about progressing the season pass. I agree that progression is a huge issue along with rewards, but I’m so happy to be playing Halo with old friends and also optimistic that positive changes will be made.

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