Why am I losing CSR in games where my teammates are leaving?

Not a hate post. I just don’t understand the system. Can someone explain it to me?

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Honestly I think that the winning team should get CSR for those wins and the losing tresm should lose like 1 csr

343i said The current system is not supposed to deduct CSR if you are playing on a team that is not full and you lose. The Winning team will receive CSR as normal. I would suggest reporting this as a bug on the Support Site.

You might not be losing CSR. What I believe I’ve discovered is that the red/blue line is per play sesh. So if you think you’re losing CSR on those matches (which I have found to be practically unwinnable), it’s possible that you’re just seeing the residual red line from when you lost CSR previously.

I know H5 reduced the loss penalty in ranked games if a team mate leaves. If two team mates leave you wouldn’t be penalized at all if you then also quit.

Hopefully Infinite is already utilizing this approach for its CSR