Why am i getting worse?

I used to be very good at halo. At launch up to like a month ago i was getting 20+ kills in team slayer. Now i can barely get 10. The more i play the worse i get. Am i missing something?

Not sure, I have been getting better. Maybe it’s because I’ve changed my strategy to something that works well for me. I don’t remember the last time I went negative in slayer. We all have dry spells though. I would say just to play through it…

Maybe the true skill system is actually working and you’re getting matched with better people. Who knows.

Also, response time on your TV might be causing it if you have switched TV’s recently.

you’re not playing cheap enough you need to rock that camo with boltshot allday eriday. also don’t forget to equip your pocket sniper aka dmr. you’ll see massive results.

yea just go dmr, boltshot, invisibility and camp around corners, apparently it’s all the rage. Might as well take advantage of the fact 343 is too lazy to fix their game, everyone else is taking advantage of it.

Ever hear the saying ‘You are what you eat’?

Or how about, you are only as good as your opponent?

This is another flaw within Halo Reach and Halo 4’s linear progression ranking system. It doesn’t match you with people on your skill level.

You cannot increase your skill if you are playing noobs all day. Eventually, you will adapt to their playstyle, which is obviously not a skillful one.

Then, after you have played noobs for so long of a time, your true-skill rank begins going up, because you keep beating the noobs.

… And when your trueskill goes up, you face better players. When you face better players and you are using the playstyle that you have been playing noobs with, you will lose.

Your skill becomes increasingly worse if you play bad players consistently.

I boosted 50s in Halo 3. I had a booster account; which means I deranked alot. Whenever I would derank down to about a 30, I would become accustom to their playstyle. Then, when I went to play level 50 MLG to boost someone, it would be a slap in the face.

The only way to stay on your A-Game is to always be trying hard, actively thinking in game, and never try to predict your enemy. Always be open to possibilities. Other than that, there is no way to increase your skill level, because 343 does not want 1-50 ranks.

> I used to be very good at halo. At launch up to like a month ago i was getting 20+ kills in team slayer. Now i can barely get 10. The more i play the worse i get. Am i missing something?

It happens, same thing happened to me. Just keep playing you’ll eventually come out of the slump

It started with my aim. I was good at getting head shots but now my cross hair is on those nice, unshielded heads and nothing.

AvengedSabres09 I recently switched to my 1080p monitor to record a borderlands 2 lets play. I set the resolution to 1080p, although the xbox said that the “optimal” was 720p. Can Xbox only do 720p on pc monitors though i doubts that’s the problem.

> I used to be very good at halo. At launch up to like a month ago i was getting 20+ kills in team slayer. Now i can barely get 10. The more i play the worse i get. Am i missing something?

Don’t go as far as to think you suck or are doing something wrong. You were probably one of the few players that caught on to the new play style. Other players are probably catching on now as well. You have not gotten worse, your opponents are just getting better. There are some games now that I just get owned, other games I just can’t be stopped. Just keep at it.

Perhaps more people are getting better and have improved since launch. It can also depend on your team aswell, if you’re on teams with good players they are likely to rack up the kills too reflecting on a lower than normal performance from yourself.

Has your playstyle changed at all? You might not be approaching as aggressive as you were.

Just a recap of myself, I started with Halo 1, and I enjoy the series as a whole, and I’ve been pretty content so far with the matchmaking despite a few issues that 343 might or might not fix. I started as an casual/erratic gamer with the mentality of ‘shoot…than think’ instead of ‘think before you shot’! I’m that type of guy who would be ‘against the world’ and try to take you on a 1 on 1, but mostly I wouldn’t be afraid of taking on 2 or 3 at a time. And even though I would die alot, I would still come back much harder and avenge myself or my spartan teammates. I was an average player,but I didn’t value my spartan life(lol)or my overall skill. I just wanted to play Halo and have fun.
Fast forward to time present, I played Halo 4 like crazy! Still playing like the same maniac as I was before. So after games and games later, I was chatting with my buddy (fellow spartan and friend,…but we’ll call him ‘S’)and he looked at my service record for H4.

S: You suck bro
Me: what do you mean?
S:You have like 2000 deaths more than your kills lawlz!
‘I then go to my screen to look at my service record to see my K/D’
Me: Holy S#%t
S: Do you need a Halo tutor?

I stood and watched that screen for minutes at a time, and for the first time, I realized that something was wrong. The K/D stat SHOULD have been the other way around (even though at the time of writing this, I am aware that the K/D stat is not a true measurement of someones skill, but for now I’ll use the k/d ratio as a temporary guide for now! ) I now felt burdened of being this careless casual gamer and I was on the border line between casual gamer and ‘take my gaming skill seriously’.

The next day I was ready to face a new world of players who I realized are there to make me look like the weak, mindless player that I become, but since I started to turn a ‘new’ leaf in the Halo world, I thought I start ‘learning’ how to REALLY play! The casual gamer has now come to terms to quit my recent reputation, and to become a more ‘competitive’ gamer.

The first days were too hard to accept. I died in every possible way from dying by running into to my sticky grenade that I just threw, to losing my pistol battle with someone with a boltshot, or losing a BR dual because someone got the ‘jump’ on me.! It was a dark time for me! My losing streaks and deaths were pilling up so high, that I even wanted to sell my 360 on Craigslist. But then the next days got better! I got more kills, more victories, but i still died alot though. So doing the duration of my ‘gaming facelift’ I took progress reports every 5 days by taking a snapshot of my k/d ratio and trying to improve it.

As of right now, I am improving so far with less dying and slightly more kills, but more importantly leaning from my past mistakes ( like running into a open battlefield with guns blazing, with a quick snipe headshot to my dome lol) but like zoltan said, You cannot increase your skill if you are playing noobs all day. Of course you might get alot of kills and less deaths on those types of games, but what really counts is that you play with players who keep beating you and beating you! When this happens, YOU ARE LEARNING and developing the ambiguity of better players that you can practice from, and to learn from your mistakes, and to also beat them at their own game! This is where you get skill!
So if your losing alot, don’t throw in the towel! Keep your fighting spirit going! Everytime you face a player (whether a noob, average, or veteran player, you are molding yourself to a much better player by understanding their tactics. moves, style of gameplay, and use weapons, etc.

Time is always a valuble asset, as I like to put in 3 hrs a day (even though I have 2 jobs so I try to get in to play as much as possible) but all i can say is keep playing, keep playing, and keep playing some more.

3 things that helped me overall are:
When engaging medium to long range, I like to shoot (near a place with cover), kill, take cover and reload, then move, then repeat.Or if i get hit with shields going down, I take cover and reload,and shoot again! I do this religiously.TAKE YOUR TIME! dont let the speed or the mometum of the game dictate you.

Be Radar Aware at all costs: EX:if you know you have a least 1 or 2 shots left to a kill a player, do this! after the first shot,look quickly at your radar, then quickly get that second shot in, and then take cover from the other player or warthog,tank,etc. Before you even pull a trigger,always look at that radar, sometimes you might see one guy in front of you and you start shooting, but then you realize during mid-shoot, there was actually 2 guys in front of you!

DMR is not the answer all the time: I admit it too, but use other weapons FFS (currently on the BR bandwagon) so you can adapt to changes in the battlefield (EX: BR, assault, and detonator work great in Haven for me)

My progrees started on the 28th of November and my k/d ratio was 0.76! It’s now at 0.88, so it’s gonna take me awhile to get mt k/d/ spread postive! Hopefully 343 releases a true ranking system soon so I can know where I’m really at in my skill. But for the original OP, I think it’s just a ruff patch your going thru, but eventually, you’ll get out of that hole and progress to your best potential.

Godspeed to all spartans!