Why all the Sangheili hate?

Why does the Halo community seem to detest the Sangheili? Even 343 has turned their backs on this fanbase at this point, with the exclusion of them as a playable race.

In fact, I would probably feel inclined to actually play Halo 4 if the option to be a Sangheili was available, seeing as they are most certainly one of, if not my very favorite science fiction race. I prefer playing as them rather then a spartan in the same sense that I would prefer to play as Protoss then Terran in the game Starcraft.

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I never played as an elite in h2 or 3 but i was still in favor of them making a return to multiplayer in 4. However 343 made the elites look like deformed crocodiles so i was not impressed. the first time i looked at the elite in game informer i thought it was a jackal holding a sword, i despise everything they have done with the covenant.