Why All The Hate?

There’s all of this comparison between Halo 2, and 3, and Reach, and yet, Halo 4 is just as good as any of those. Yes, it has it’s issues, and sure, we’d all like to have certain things prefer us, and our playstyles. For me, that would be a removal of the arrow on top of my head, but hey, it’s all about speeding up the game. That’s what 343 has done. You feel like they’ve unbalanced the game, but they’re just trying to speed up the game so it’s no longer just a slugfest, but a constant push-pull to control the key areas of the map. Team-Shot DMR is an effective way of taking out vehicles, so obviously 343 wants the focus to be on ground-play, and let vehicles take a backseat.

Though there are issues of over-powered weapons (The Incineration Cannon is the first thing that comes to mind), all you have to do is learn to counter. That’s the game. Move, and counter-move. If you have an issue with something, or you feel that it’s overpowered, you have two options. Sit there and whine, making a mental note to come on here and whine, or to “Stoop down to their level” and do the same thing to them. Take advantage of the team-shot. Rack up kills. Have a GOOD time.

Just remember, the game has been out for a week and a half, and 343 still has to take stock of the bugs that people “Take note of” (Read as: Whine about). Please, give 343, and Halo 4, a fair chance.

I mean, hey, it can’t be worse than a Call of Duty game…

I dont understand why everyone is complaining,I for one enjoy wrecking noobs with the new style 343 has to offer.the story was a bit confusing,but hey,it take change to make something better.

From a lot of parts in the post, I have a feeling that you either don’t know how a game forum works or that you started following Halo after Reach.

I enjoy this game very much as well. Some people just love complaining to get the forum attention. Every game has it’s issues yes but I find the Halo 4 multiplayer experience entertaining.

> From a lot of parts in the post, I have a feeling that you either don’t know how a game forum works or that you started following Halo after Reach.

I’ve actually been playing since '03, and first played online on Halo 3 during it’s first 2 months. And that’s an odd assumption to make that I wouldn’t know how a game forum works, I just feel like it’s unnecessary for people to state that the game is broken because their playstyles aren’t being accommodated for them to have the K/D of their choosing.

I’m just saying that people should give the game a chance, and if they don’t want to, then they don’t have to play it…

Its a forum. People come here to complain. The ones who are happy are just playing not here -Yoinking!-. The problem is most aren’t objective. They focus on one point and say its a horrible game. We all have things we would change but they dont wreck the game. Halo 4 is as good as any Halo before it, and better by far than some.

Haters gonna hate cause they like to hate on hating.

I can vouch for this post, and I can say I agree entirely. I understand to a lot of people Halo 4 has been a shock; an dive into untouched waters, but it’s both necessary and brilliant in my opinion.
At the end of the day, this is still Halo to it’s core and possibly more ‘Halo’ then any game has ever been (in regards to book lore)!

Come Halo 6 we’ll all look back on this game and realize just how essential it was. And even now, at least for me, I already realize it.

So on that note, to contrast all the other word vomit thrown around, thank you 343, Halo has never been better.

Well, I’m just glad to see that there’s a good number of people here who are giving it the chance the game deserves.

People who have positive things to say are playing the game and not wasting their time on the forums.

I’ve said this several times before but I’m gonna say it again anyway, cause from what I’ve seen it’s the truth.

Most of the hate for this game, as it has for others (eg Reach), came from and continues to come from people who have a very strong idea in their heads about what Halo is (usually based on their favourite entry in the series) and simply refuse to accept any changes on principle. I mean let’s face it, this game was getting hate long before it was released.

Of course what makes it worse is the sense of entitlement and authority these people have - I mean, really look at the threads titled to the effect of “Fix (ie change) this, 343!”, “This is broken!”, “Halo is dead!”, etc, etc.
Anyone who disagrees clearly doesn’t understand what Halo is - either cause they’ve been pulled away from Halo by other FPS games or only came to the series when Reach was delivered.
That and those who hate something will always scream the loudest.