Why all the hate guys

Ok guys I get no slayer playlist, but I am really struggling with how many people are hating this game when I see only 1 flaw and that being the battlepass. This is my first post on forums since September really so Did I miss something I love this game

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You missed A LOT.

The challenge system is the only way to level up. You do not get graded for performance as much as you get graded for challenges. Challenges can and often are ridiculous to complete and in some cases impossible since you still have people who haven’t even seen a tank.

The challenges are able to be swapped and if you play without the battle pass that’s mostly what you’re getting. Free rewards don’t show up for a good long while and can’t cross core. And who could forget the various coatings which are slight differences in tint or how we have two versions of gray, one with blue lights instead of red.

You cannot select playlists either so if you have to do something in stronghold and get 10 games of anything else that’s tough luck. Outside of that not everyone wants to play oddball and are stuck with it.

Because of the challenge system you have people grinding challenges in objective based modes rather than play the objective.

You of course can pay to skip challenges. Which a lot of whales ended up doing.

Of course that’s not everything but frankly the Reddit page was REALLY good at keeping up with it.


You just talked about my battlepass issue without referencing anything else but playlist which 343 have all ready said will be here before Christmas I clearly am not that out of it

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Honestly dont understand all the hate, 343 is handing out early stuff, free stuff, and a well polished product.
Yeah theres issues with microtransactions, battle pass exp, glitches yadadada
Honestly most if not all has been addressed and its going to be updated/added/patched

I am loving every part of this title and excited to see it grow and foster.
Definately was no Cyberpunk launch, or Halo MCC launch ( jeez i remember those days )


Welcome to the online Halo community :upside_down_face:

It’s gotten increasingly negative over the years. I have played Halo since CE, and admittedly hardly care about MP, and when I play MP I don’t care about cosmetics…
I just love the game for the story and being immersed in it.
A few little problems as far as I’m concerned, but overall I love it and I expect to see updates smooth out things more.

It’s not about cosmetics in general, it’s about past cosmetics we had free with the game or unlocked by campaign achievements, tearing it down to pieces and sell it on the store. Also when it comes to MP the game is not that polished. As it stands right now the only good thing in multiplayer is the gameplay the rest is a mess and not working properly.

Not sure really… I don’t like there not being Slayer or other playlists ether…. Okay a missing progression system in the base game is a little odd but apart from that people are nit picking for the sake of it…

It’s a fun game besides the above.

I don’t have any issue with the multiplayer portion of the game. I don’t particularly care about the progression or lack of slayer play list. I am frustrated with how poorly they handled the campaign launch though. I purchased the game and have yet to be able to play it because:

  1. The game isn’t actually on the disc
  2. They wouldn’t let you preload
  3. The required download was locked until the afternoon here

The play anywhere functionality also appears to not be working properly as I bought the game on xbox and installed it on pc through the xbox app; however, the game on pc tells me I still need to purchase it.

I’m sure I will enjoy the game once I’m able to play it.