Why all the default armor?

Nah man, never have. I wear the new ones way too often to even consider the toggle, I’ve always liked em.

You should turn them off. My game has been crashing lately and from what I see on these forums it’s something to do with the new useless armor variants. I assure you, none of them actually do anything at all and toggling them off will only benefit you and everyone else. You get no benefit from applying any of the various armor pieces or visor colors.

My friends have never once had an issue with MCC crashing and we all have the toggle off and wear the new armors because we like them. I think I’ll keep the toggle off and keep my access to the new stuff that I earned and wear for fun around, thanks, lol. We see no reason in having the legacy toggle on when we like the new armors and don’t have any game issues.

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You do realize that none of the armors - including the “Classic” sets - do anything? They are all, essentially, useless. At least with that mindset.