Why all the default armor?

This is pretty much only applicable to Halo 3, as it’s the only game I really tend to see this phenomenon in, but for whatever reason or another, most people I run into ingame wear nothing but the default, full MK 6 armor. I guess I’m just confused as to why- I totally get not wearing the new stuff 343 has added to the game, as it can be divisive to the fans to say the least, but I’ve got to imagine that, with access to all the original armor by default, you’d at last change SOMETHING. Like, maybe the recon shoulders look better to you, or maybe the MK 5 helmet appeals to you more. I guess I don’t get it, why some people would want to boot the game up and not personalize themselves at all whatsoever- even in the original release of Halo 3, most people seemed to have at least touched their spartan a bit, what with stuff like CQB being unlocked from the start. Your spartan is your vessel to communicate to others that it’s you ingame- when such a large amount of players have done absolutely nothing in terms of customization, it strikes me as weird.

What do you guys think is the reason, and if you’re one of the full MK 6 and done guys, I’m curious to know your reasoning. Maybe you just like MK 6 that much? I get it, it’s a nice set of armor, and I’m not judging at all, just want to hear from others on this because I’ve been wondering for a while now about it.


Some people, not myself, are perfectly content to have the bog factory standard and honestly? I think that’s pretty cool. It’s good to be easy to please tbh.

The problem is when they start telling us we should all look the same! :laughing:


Maybe people just like Mark VI? Maybe everyone got cosmetic fatigue and wanted to harken back to the halcyon days of Halo when there were no armour permutations? Maybe there has been an influx of new fans playing the series in anticipation of Infinite?

Or maybe it’s a bug?


I’ve always worn standard armour but with different shoulders - dunno, I outgrew some of the edgyness a long time ago and like it simple. I feel like the minority by doing so too.


Some people just don’t care about cosmetics and just want to play the game. They have the option to personalise their Spartan, but that doesn’t mean they have to.


I have friends who are like that, and usually it’s one of two reasons:

  1. They don’t really care about customization.
  2. They don’t know where to go to customize their stuff.

Happy to wade in on this - the customisation just really isn’t important to me. I’m fortunate enough to have been playing since CE, and I guess the more I customise, the less I’m Master Chief. The gameplay is genuinely all I really care about.

That said I’m happy to encounter a range of armours and of course with Infinite being F2P, it’s important to have customisation options available to buy, as a core part of the business model. Letting people appear how they want is important.


For every individual rocking the default Mark VI, it’s more or less out of preference. Either they heavily dislike the new armors added to MCC so much that they use it out of spite, they always preferred it over the base Halo 3 armors, or just that they like looking a bit more like the MC.

That sentiment doesn’t apply much to the casual player that gets on occasionally for a few matches, especially players that are just on matchmaking to play the game, the following quote encapsulates this point:

That’s my take on it anyway, I occasionally switch back and forth from different armor sets, but as previously mentioned, it’s down to the player’s preference and their choice in deciding to wear the newer cosmetics or not.

Judging by how many default emblems and service tags I see running around, it doesn’t surprise that they didn’t bother customizing their armor either. Most of my group was introduced to Halo within the last year, and none of them would have changed their service tag had I not advised them to do it. A lot of players just wanna jump into the game, I just wish that the service tag would at least be initially randomized so I could better make out who is who on the map.


Cause Mark VI is one my favourite armors in Halo, doesn’t bother me if I look default I just like the Armor

If you have the new cosmetics turned off, they will appear wearing the Mark VI armor in lieu of whatever DLC armor they may have equipped.


I like to keep the default spartan armor, plus mark vi is special to me

Mine is mostly Mark VI, just with an EOD chest and Mark V helmet to sorta simulate a Mark V set, which I’m shocked hasn’t been added yet.

Actually, i think it only replaces the new armour with mark vi. If you or someone else are wearing Recon, and turn off new armours, you or the other player will still be wearing Recon, or at least, thats what i noticed.


Because MkVI is the best, why would you want to change it (:

I don’t think that the various armor pieces actually have any impact upon gameplay and as such there is no use changing them as it would simply be a waste of time

They don’t, its just for fun, like the rest of the game

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I actually mostly try to match the look of the CE Mark V in all the games. I do it because I highly respect Halo CE.


Let me ask a question; did you turn off the custom armors?

Nah man, never have. I wear the new ones way too often to even consider the toggle, I’ve always liked em.