Why adrift TS shouldn't be in the game

Commentators at least make it an entertaining watch. Take note 343, this is the reason why Adrift is a terrible TS map which is sad seeing as how 2/5 Infinity Slayer games seem to be Adrift.

I prefer adrift out of all of them :confused:

Whats the problem here?

The problem is it has no sightlines favouring an attacking team pressing on the defending teams base, for example: Narrows Top mid-left/right wing spawns.

This means the players spawn in the most defensible location on the map with no incentive (removal of power weapons) to leaving once it is advantageous to let the other team come to them. Results include the most clumsy objective gameplay in the history of vidya.

The moral of the story is that when two teams camp, no one gets kills.

If two teams camped at the opposite towers in Guardian and got no kills is that proof that the map is broken?

players can and will sit and camp ANYWHERE ON ANY MAP. This is such a silly example of why a map is bad…

I’ll still take Adrift over Complex any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

> I’ll still take Adrift over Complex any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

You and me both!

Adrift’s problem is the awkward pacing and the map size really plays against it. It’s not so bad on bigger players counts like 6v6 since there is more players and crazy movement but on 4v4? Forget about it, it’s way too big for such a small player count.

In 4v4 scenarios, i noticed that you’ll spend an awful amount of time traveling down the corridors and into the man cannon areas before going into the middle or back to one of the bases before killing someone. The problem here is you’re spending more time looking and less time killing sort to speak.

This is just what i noticed after a while in IS, i wasn’t exactly trying too hard with stop watches and computer algorithms to nail down the every last bit of data and process that into a convoluted stat chart for all to see.

Still…Adrift >Complex.

LOL That was funny. I actually wouldn’t rag on them too hard if they are playing for prize money.

Two teams camping, lol. If both teams camp its bound to end 0-0

Adrift is one of the best TS maps in H4

If Adrift is one of the best TS maps on Halo 4, it says something about the quality of the maps. In almost every game I play Adrift, you have at least two people trying this camping strategy and it’s really frustrating to deal with if they are any good. For this reason, I think it’s a terrible TS map however it’s the best CTF map on the game.

Try-hards playing terribly isn’t an indictment of anything but their play.

> http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=dz9jRoDWB7I
> Adrift is a terrible TS map which is sad seeing as how 2/5 Infinity Slayer games seem to be Adrift.

Really? All I ever get to play is Haven or Complex. I’d say I get Adrift about 1 time out of 10.

And I haven’t been in a game yet on that map where anybody camped on IS.

Sorry about your luck on that one.

I like adrift because of that. It forces to play close quarters. You can’t just sit there and snipe people from across the map. So instead of camping snipers you have camping shotguns. Makes no difference to me.

camping is usually what makes me stop playing a game and is the big reason why i have stopped playing the CoD series

The game needs set weapon spawns that force players to fight over positions on the map, to where the other team not getting said weapon would be detrimental to the outcome of the game.


It’s funny because this is how Adrift typically plays out.

If prize money is on the line, that is exactly how I would play that map. It’s suicide to try to assault the spawning bases, all the attack routes will get you naded and killed in an instant if you are playing against any one that has a decent ratio. The only reasonable route to push a base on that map is the lift tunnel, and even then it’s still not very viable.

the worst thing is, all of the team spawns are also in base, which means even if you manage to push through and snatch some kills, all they have to is mash x to be right in your face again.

haha that video was great…