Why 343I can't be removed from Halo

Why does everyone forget that Microsoft literally made 343 as a replacement for Halo since Bungie left. Cant exactly get rid of them, plus i dont think there are many Game companies that are able to take on a project as big as halo since most of them are doing their own things.

I don’t like the way they “introduced” Cortana in H5.
I mean I belive that better way was to hold everything until the final like Warden served someone but we don’t know whom until the ending part.
I don’t like the Arbiter and elites war because it’s just pointless filler. You can replace it with anything nothing will change.

Yep. It was a bit contrived.

And in a way, that is the fate of any middle part of a trilogy. You’re not introducing anything new. You can’t tie anything up. You are mainly trying to flesh out the characters, their motives, and build up a bit of tension.

As for the Arbiter. Agree to that he was story filler. But not pointless. We got to play on Sanghelios. That was awesome.

MS wanted to give Halo to another studio, not really create another studio to do it, as it was easier and cheaper then creating a fully functioning brand new dev studio. They were convinced by a specific MSGS executive (who had worked as an executive on multiple titles including Halo) that MS should create 343 so THEY could do it because THEY would do a better job than an already established studio, with a handful of Bungie employees , hopes and some dreams.