Why 343I can't be removed from Halo

Joe Staten + id Software and John Carmack as technical lead.

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The English language lacks adjectives sufficient to describe just how awful Halo 4 was, and the same is true for halo 5’s campaign.

Halo 5’s multiplayer was good for what it was, but it wasn’t a real halo game.


Halo 4 is Halo in the same way the current TV show is Halo.

In other words… Not Halo but with Halo skins put on everything.

Anyone who likes Halo 4 (or the TV show) doesn’t like it because they like Halo.

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I’m starting to think 343 greenlit this show just to spite their fanbase and prove that it’s possible to make a worse Halo story than Halo 5 :rofl:


They’re trying to reach that broader audience… You know… All those people that actually hate Halo. Now they can also like “Halo” even though it’s actually closer to -Yoink!- than Halo.


Man, after a couple of Halo TV show episodes, I return to watch FuD and it still looks great to me.
Yeah FuD budget is kinda low, cgi is kinda bad, but the feel, the atmosphere are so good to me.
I remember the scene with camo elite and how I had goosebumps.

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When you look at how Kiki Wolfkill talked about Chief during 4’s development, as well as where 343 was directing the story with Halo 4, you can tell that they wanted Halo to basically be the TV show all along. I have a strong feeling that if 343 could retcon Halo Reach-3, they would basically just make it the current Silver Timeline show as games instead of the beloved games we got.

Needless to say, I’m glad Wolfkill is over ruining the Halo TV series instead of trying to rot the game franchise with the kind of garbage they’re putting forward with the TV series, and Master ClapCheeks.


One of the biggest issues with 343 is they say one thing and go the completely opposite direction.

Halo 4: They said they were going to take an innovative approach. Copies COD with loadouts and kill streak rewards.

Halo 5: Hunt the Truth matketing hypes up the game just to be thrown out and only have 3 Master Chief missions out of 15.

Halo Infinite: There will be no FOMO and players will have more customization than reach. Also players will be able to earn the items in events that are showcased in the trailers for them. Most event items showcased are in the shop.

It’s no wonder so many people have zero faith in 343. If they kept their word or were more honest, they wouldn’t get so much heat.

The problem with 343 is the upper management. Bonnie, Kiki and Frankie need to be replaced.

What have they done specifically to warrant this reaction?

I say 343 should have a positive change of management because evidently from some “glass door” reviews I heard about, the situation is not good.

343 Guilty Spark killed Johnson, its funny that this group of outsourcers made him the face of their little group.

You never have anything useful to say don’t you? You just say how much 343 is failing and shove it in everyone’s faces, without any help. Someone would ask about a bug and you’d reply with something like that.

It’s kinda funny how I believe every 343 game has some development troubles if rumors are true, but games like HW2 or HCEA and H2A that was made by another people, developers are OK.


Yeah, you can really feel a lot of less liked “Early 343” Ideas with the show. Its quite interesting that after Kiki and others go to work on the show suddenly Halsey is no longer villan batted in halo 5.

Yet in the current episode of the show, its almost making her the main villain at this point.

I gave 343 positive feedback for years and got literally nothing from it. All you do is say how great 343 is regardless of what they do. As long as there’s a slight stance you can take in their defense there will be a reply from you

You want a cookie? I think that 343 should be getting stuff done faster, the shop was too expensive, and infection is taking too long. But, the game doesn’t deserve the dogging its getting. Maybe my opinion would change if I had more desync.

CEA is not a good product, period. For one, they got all the lighting wrong and this killed all the atmosphere and most importantly rendered the flashlight useless.

There is also the outstanding problem in CEA where the Remastered Graphics were actually untrue to the actual collision box of objects, so if say a rock looked a certain width in Remastered, it’s actually not the actual size.

Since Remastered ran ontop of Classic in CEA, there are too many cases where you tried to peek round cover and shoot and the thin air next to the rock or tree absorbed all your shots.

The first problem was that it didn’t match the pre-release build up. It seemed like a completely different story to what we were promised.

When I replayed the game (legendary) a few years later the story seemed to hold its own.

What I hated though was the dialogue. Particularly between Chief and Cortana, and Chief and Blue Team. So much cringe.

It made me terrified of where we were heading in H6. I’m actually glad 343 went the reboot and we could fast forward to the end. Provided of course we get a bit more back story via DLC.

The thing is all the designs was approved by 343, but I can agree about collisions, still I don’t know who’s job was to test that kinda things.
Anyway I see no real problems with HCEA, hear nothing about development troubles or so.