Why 343I can't be removed from Halo

343 Industries has been in hot water recently. Whether it is removing skill jumps, having a “predatory” shop, or just because Halo 4 and 5 were bad. I’ve seen, particularly on Twitter, people suggesting 343 be removed from the franchise. I keep trying to explain why this isn’t possible, but I was using Twitter. While I haven’t seen too many posts here suggesting 343 be removed, except when they get locked due to being a rant or non constructive, I would still like to explain.
343 Industries was formed after Bungie left. Bungie has gone on to produce Destiny 1 and 2. Since then 433 has released 3 main line Halo games. 343 was formed for this purpose, to create Halo games. This is what sets Bungie apart rom 343 as a company. Bungie was a studio that could make all sorts of games, hence why they have created Destiny, but 343 must make Halo games. 343’s name is based on the first monitor, 343 Guilty Spark, who was the caretaker of Installation 04. 343I was formed to be the “caretakers” of Halo, which is their sole purpose. This means, without 343 we don’t get another Halo game. 343 exists for Halo, Halo exists for 343.
If 343 were to be removed they would only be replaced by a similar studio, which would likely just be 343 with a new coat of paint, and all the problems. Don’t like the shop? Superintendent studios still has it. Wish more content would come out? Cortana Creations still isn’t fast enough. The solution to fix Halo is to encourage them to actually get stuff done while under a deadline, which is told to the community ahead of time. For example, “Forge will launch by December 25, ideally, November 15th.”
This will give the community a rough idea of when. If the team cannot reach either deadline, let us know ASAP, rather than dropping the bad news at the end of a season.


i thought halo 4 was amazing i really enjoyed it but dislike 5 the only thing i liked about 5 was the warzone :slight_smile:

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Halo 5 is SO slept on. Probably in my top 5-10 fav games ever. Campaign story sucked but the gameplay was great, level design good and those elements extended into the multiplayer. Arena, especially ranked was excellent. Warzone was a fun innovation as well.

I could easily say halo 4 wasn’t good and only thing I liked was the story but gameplay and multiplayer was a miss for me.

Problem is 343 is always chasing trends rather than just making a good game! Halo 4 they went with loadouts and made the game more like COD. Halo 5 warzone is basically one giant MOBA and then they went all in on advanced mobility which was all the rage at the time. Currently they went all in on live service.

I feel these have all been misses for the community because it is just trend chasing rather than picking a path and sticking to it.

I personally think if they had expanded on warzone for infinite it could have been something really great to sustain the new and more casual player base, as arena keeps the hardcore players around. I also cannot believe they haven’t expanded on warzone firefight and made more pve type modes as there are plenty of halo fans that just flat out aren’t that interested in PvP and infinite has very little to offer for them.


That would depend on who was put in charge of managing the similar studio - competent management, or 343Incompetent management?


Halo 4 was good. Great campaign. Didn’t like the MP.

Halo 5 was very good. Average campaign (it was better the second time through after all the false pre-game build up had dissipated). Very, very good MP.

Halo Infinite is shaping up nicely. I loved the Campaign (just needed a quick visit to another biome, an epic set piece vs a scarab like enemy, and a warthog run). There’s still some bugs to iron out in MP. And content wise we are three months behind… and about to fall another three months behind further still. This puts a lot of pressure on Forge come September. Finger’s crossed.

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The point is to give it to someone like ID who can take a classical shooter formula, give it enough modern trappings so the zoomers like it, and then have a better experience for everyone.

Unlike everyone else in this thread I detest Halo 4 and Halo 5 with every fiber of my being. Halo 4 was just Call of Duty with an overally emotional story that didn’t earn or warrant the level of emotion that it wanted from players. Halo 5 is generic and forgettable - its gameplay is a mish-mash of every modernized shooter from 2015, and it’s painfully boring. It’s not as free-form or unique as Titanfall 2, it wasn’t as recognizable as Call of Duty, and it didn’t feel or play like Halo. You could have easily given it a new coat of paint and called it “Space Warrior: Guardians” and I wouldn’t have batted an eye. This is to say nothing of Halo MCC’s abysmal launch or Halo Infinite’s current state.

The larger issue is that 343 is just so dead-set focused on changing Halo into what they want Halo to be as opposed to keeping it to what Halo is. ID recognized this with Doom 2016, and wisely cancelled Doom 4 (which they admitted was getting too close to Call of Duty and not Doom) and instead went back and created a more classical experience that ended up being such a massive success that it spawned an even more successful sequel. Funnily enough, the Doom 2016 multiplayer ended up failing for the same reason that Halo 4 ended up failing - it wasn’t classic enough, and players ended up hating it because of the differences from the classical formula that fans loved (it was also outsourced, and wasn’t developed by ID).

This isn’t just about the multiplayer either - the campaign is overly complicated and annoying to follow. I don’t think it’s unfair to say that around 90% of the people playing the campaign have never interacted with or read any books in the Halo franchise, but 343 is crafting stories and games for that small 10% who are interacting with and reading the Halo lore. It’s intensely alienating.

Ultimately, I don’t think anything is going to change with 343 as the main developers of Halo, but they absolutely need to. This is an organization that put out not one, not two, not three, but four major clunkers on release. And sure, three of those clunkers are/have gotten better, but it’s indicative of larger problems at 343 beyond just the games themselves - it indicates that there isn’t a clear direction, maybe some internal strife, that is preventing Halo from being the household name it used to be. The kind of game where other games would claim to be the Halo Killer only to fail.

No other game killed Halo, really. 343 took a pillow and smothered it in its sleep four times. It has been long overdue for a change in developers for Halo.


I like H4 campaign like adventure, with great graphics, sense of mystery, atmosphere, story. I really like it’s soundtrack to be honest, yeah it’s not halo music at all, but it suits very well to me to make everything alive.
But gameplay wasn’t so good, the whole desert level for example until you leave mammoth is complete garbage, designed so poor, one of the worst levels in halo i beleave.
I wasn’t a big fan of halo mp until H5, but I kinda enjoyed H4 btb.

H5 campaign was kinda OK to me at first, but after some time have passed, I realize all the problems.
Bad writing, boring characters, I don’t like the way it was told and where it leads. I don’t like how everything was in a rush and sorry, but I don’t like fanservice for the sake of fanservice, yeah I’m talking about Arbiter.
Gameplay was fun, but it always was the same. Levels has different paths and layers, but feels the same too. Too many guns on levels like you have everything to kill everyone and more.
Music was meh, making nothing, no atmosphere at all to me. I don’t like forerunners architecture in H5, I don’t like Genesis design.
H5 mp was great to me.

If the franchise is handled by a different studio, yes there is a chance that it will end up as another 343i, but there is also a chance that it may improve or turn out to be great. However if the franchise is still being handled by 343i, things will never improve, in fact it could get worse. 343i have unfortunately failed too many times and was never able to learn from past mistakes, if things could not change now there is no reason it could change in a near future.

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Well, if it’s actually true that their engine has major issues, it doesn’t matter how much anyone encourage them or how many. How things are being dealt with now is what to expect.


Needless to say, all the upper management needs to be cut loose asap. We need CA taking over and have them make a Halo game instead of being told by 343 to make a “Halo-like” BR.


What Halo needs is an inspirational visionary to take charge who can stand up to Microsoft/Xbox Studios and change 343s working practices.


What Halo needs is an inspirational visionary to take charge who can stand up to Microsoft/Xbox Studios and change 343s working practices.

will take a miracle at that point


I can remove 343 Industries.

Just gotta enact my Studio 117 plan.

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Or 343 just sub contract Halo out to a new Developer just to make the games… they can do yearly reviews. They would still be looking after the Franchise. Just not making the main Title.

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This is kinda the point of my post. CA could be brought on as a side studio, but if they replaced 343 they would still be called 343. 343 is just a blanket name for whoever works on Halo.

I believe that would be Joe Staten. He seems to be trying to turn things around.

The problem with 343i is that they’d rather be making any other game but Halo.


343 isn’t really a design studio which is the big problem. They are caretakers of a franchise that was going to be given to another dev, and said they could do the job better.

They aren’t a full organically grown design studio, where they have gone through multiple rounds of growing pains to find the right team for the project. They are a core of executives, using MS contract policy to create a game with groups of rotating individual devs to save money. This keeps them from being able to hire a competent team to design a full game. Which is why 343 games seem to be put together like Frankenstein’s monster.

Edit: This isn’t to say that these games are just plain bad with no redeeming qualities, it’s just that gamers see the stiches and seams, and the different parts so much more easily when designed in this way.

Fair enough, but 343 needs permanent employees not contract and to replace the people dragging it under. Honestly Halo needs a new development team if it’s 343 or NOT.

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I feel like with this logic, if i were ever to be fired for a job, i should go “You can’t fire me. I was hired to do this job. If you hire someone else they’ll do the exact same thing”.

And my boss’ response would be “how do you know for sure?”