WHY 343


I sense you are distressed, but you haven’t provided any information about what you’re on about. You may wish to clarify things.

343 if you care about a fan who has played every halo even the ones that you made then you will see my complaint and fix this BS!

I have played every halo and favorite is reach. The armor was better, more militarized. The way you got that armor was
WAY BETTER, my friend a lvl 30 just got the atlas armor and the sniper rifle stance. the stance ive wanted since the beginning of the game, the helmet I wanted since it came out. I have spent $70 dollars on your req system…in return I got all UNCOMMON and maybe two rare pieces of armor, IM PRACTICLY LVL 50!!! and because of your crap ranking system we get nothing at all for being a higher level. In reach we had to have the LEVEL and THE RANK why did you have to brake something so great. Halo 4 literally made me cry you had not one thing right. I thought you could redeem yourselves with warzone, campaign, and everything else YOU owe to us your fans, without us you would be no where. I have been through a lot in my life, I had to move after losing my father and still I have a single hardworking mother and two annoying brothers. Halo has kinda helped me get through that relieving stress and all, now it just makes it worse. and I’m the middle child I
BEG of you to not make me play cod for a good time. Its even hard to persuade my friends to play or get this game they think halo is crap. I try to think different but its just to hard I love halo and I want to continue loving it. I honestly think you’ve improved from halo 4, Ill let it pass on like it never even happened, but plz fix halo 5 And like every game now who only cares about the $ you also depend only on DLC. Plz for god sakes bring back a unsc troop transport to, in reach the falcon was the coolest, it gave halo the feel as if you were in nam flying in over the jungle and it made teamwork key. So 343 if you care more about the fans than those traitors at bungie who left us for an even worse grindey game, destiny, then show it! you can contact me at ( my gamer tag as seen above). props for slowly redeeming your selves.THAT IS WHY, I just want to love this game again.

You might not want to post your e-mail address. It isn’t a good idea.

I’m guessing you are saying “…Why…” because you believe that 343 Industries isn’t taking Halo in the right direction or just flat out sucks at continuing the Halo franchise. To be honest, I think if Bungie where still here, the game would be worse. If you haven’t been watching the progress of Bungie… Let’s just say that they already dug their grave. With the termination of the composing-legend Marty O’Donnell and the pure money grabbing attention Bungie has set for themselves makes me question even if they could continue Halo. There are many people who have their own options and are entitled to that, but just because Bungie isn’t working within Halo does not mean Halo sucks. 343 Industries has offered new things to the table and should be rewarded with doing that correctly (Disregarding Halo: MCC). Halo is still as good as it once was, it just doesn’t have the same feel Bungie brought many players (And wouldn’t be the same feel due to their actions that are accosted with Destiny). :wink:

  1. Atlas is uncommon
  2. I received both versions of Atlas within a week, while I was still grinding out my silver packs.
  3. Don’t buy gold packs if you don’t have all common and uncommon perma-REQs
  4. It’s your fault you spent money on REQ packs, not theirs.
  5. LVL in an FPS is always synonomous with “time” not skill
  6. Halo 4’s story was actually decent. It got one thing ok.
  7. Yes, -Yoink- Bungie
  8. CoD is not a good game anymore, not for years now
  9. Keep Calm and Reclaim On
  10. <3