Why 343? Why?

Good Afternoon Everyone.
First off, I have been playing the HALO franchise series of games for about ~11 years now. We even played Halo1 on XBconnect. lol. Anyway. I have appreciated the work that you did on this game. I find it wonderful and progressive which the sequel to any game should be. I know that when a game switches designing companies , things will be different. Sure. I can accept that. However - what I cannot accept is squeezing a ridiculous amount of money out of people for a game. There are major extortion issues going on here. What I mean is this:

1)I had no idea I had to purchase the LE to receive specialization codes. There were no disclaimers. This means I have to go back and purchase the LE (buying 2 copies of 1 game?? really?) & You have now created a black market for those codes to be bought by the highest bidder(Ebay) This also creates an unfair situation with everyone in Europe since they haven’t been included in everything.(Dewxp…etc…Why?)

2)Crimson Map Pack. Seriously Guys? Releasing DLC only a month after release. It was most likely ready upon release. To all of the kids out there, begging their parents for more money to spend on a game they JUST purchased was a mistake. It has turned off a lot of people. This is apparent with the low number of people playing those DLC maps.

3)Reaching level 70. I also purchased a large quantity of mountain dew products in order to gain levels/armor/weapons, etc. Which, was my decision. I had no idea I would be capped! Now I feel like my game has reached its peak. There again, I feel cheated because until I can figure something out or buy ANOTHER copy of LE halo. As a consumer, I feel betrayed by your bait-and-switch tactics.

Making money off of a game is a must. You have to make a profit in order to continue your great work. But it is very unfortunate that you had to take a great franchise and turn it into this. I myself will be forced into purchasing items to keep up with the rest of the fan base because I love the Halo game. I will however not purchase any other games that may come from 343. I feel like your team did a great job on Halo4 (the game itself), but everything on the back end was mucked up. I thank you for your time and the fun you have provided me with thus far.

Good Day.