Why 343 why scorpions on both sides please

Ok I’ve had a few games like this now and its getting really annoying.

Playing BTB CTF one of my favorite game modes well its been really hard to enjoy it when my enemy’s keep getting scorpions and the game keeps giving my team bloody normal or rocket warthogs its like a big middle finger from the game itself.

Had one game where we were down 2 flags and we wanted to make a come back and we fought really good to but then they had a Scorpion and we had a rocket hog felt like we got punished for not doing well in the match it did not feel good at all.

When one side gets a bloody Scorpion itd be nice to give the other side the same thing hell I have no clue why they got rid of Scorpion base spawns anyway iv rarely had the the chance to hop into a Scorpion myself since release which feels insane.

Man I remember the good old days where all your vehicles just spawn at your base.