Why 343? Why do this?

343 has a problem

It’s pretty much have things people like, take away thing people like, say sorry and bring it back, then get pats on the back and compliments for bringing said things back… It’s like they do this on purpose just to get recognition ??? I guess its a good method because people are already like “nice job” “thanks for listening” “great response time to this” … I mean you know how much time they wasted on this when they could’ve been doing “hard work” on the content and missing things theyve promised?


It’s a proven method of stringing customers/people along. All game companies are doing it, they are all using the same technique. The widespread acceptance of cheap or free mobile games with microtransactions and the consumer ending up spending hundreds of dollars on a 20-dollar game woke up the corporate heads at all the traditional games. People are willing to spend real money on a color … why?


Works for me.

There’s a lot of trial and error in this for everyone.

Should be a lot better now they have the system stable enough for drop pods to make micro changes at short notice.


And who says this next update isn’t gonna break something else? Because 343 has such a stellar track record of successes.


Their launches and updates have been notoriously inconsistent in the past tbf, but I always maintain it ain’t worth worrying about until it happens when you have no personal control over the problem. Might as well worry when it actually happens, save burning yourself twice.


Oh I hear ya but honestly, my optimism for 343 ran out back in MCC and Halo 5. They need to start delivering to build up my trust again, that’s how that works. You only get the benefit of the doubt the first or second time, but a third and fourth or even a fifth time? There comes a point in time when you can’t be blindly naïve anymore.


I just don’t think about it too much to be fair. I’m big into planning and preparation where possible but if I know I have zero control on the outcome I always believe it will just be the best possible outcome. More fun on the build up then. Higher levels of disappointment when it actually happens, but the build up is generally a lot longer than the actual disappointment which is why I like to do it that way.

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Non of their Halo games have been nailed.
I think they are delusional. All this time they try to make Halo something it isn’t to get a broader audience. Failing in each attempt and never learns from the failures.
I can see that they have tried to learn from their mistakes, but it just keep making new mistakes.
Like, I’ve spent some money in the shop. But I start to feel it isn’t worth my money anymore until they actually show results of quality and fan listening.
Would be awesome to see Infinite thrive and having a high population, and things done to the game in a professional manner.

But in recent time, I have seen some very postive improvements. I hope 343I continues to listen carefully to fan feedback. And this game will be a success.


The trial was ran with the previous six games.

There shouldn’t be THIS much error with infinite.


I mean…they could’ve taken away something and not given it back :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s an obvious disconnect between the playbase and 343. Things cannot move forward until we’re all on the same page.

However, I do find it pleasing to hear that they’re supporting skill jumps now.

The game is still in beta thats why.

Based off my experience, I don’t think most people posting on waypoint or reddit actually play Halo regularly anymore. Most of the time people seem to wear the “I haven’t really played or liked Halo since H3 (or Reach)! But here’s all the reasons why the modern Halo game I don’t actually play is bad” attitude like a badge of honor.

I go through and read all these posts about “I don’t like Halo because of this change, they should have done this other thing!”

And I’m usually thinking “they tried that and it sucked though” or “that’s directly counter to the identity of what makes Halo what it is…”

343 will never be able to be “on the same page” as a community that doesn’t actually play their game. Especially when any positive post anyone makes its just lit on fire and downvoted by the “BuNgIe GoOd” mob.


I didn’t specify on any certain group. I just know that people were enjoying the movement tech in this game and not a single person complained about it.

Then all of a sudden it gets patched.

Based on that context, what is a person to think when assessing how this game is being handled?

I’d be right there with you, but there’s gotta be a better way to go about things as far as balance is concerned.


If players these days weren’t so easy to be manipulated by 343, and 343 looked at the player base as a customer, not just profit. Plus if streamers actually gave a hoot about the best interest for the game and player base?

I’m sure things world be better off, but knowing that is not the case what is taking place with this game will continue to take place because the player base settles for less.

It’s a proven method tbh, lol.

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Cringe method

Its season 2 it was a actuall game when the campaign came out forever ago

So I work in software development, and I can promise you all, the amount of work pushing a patch, only to undo that patch, is far more work than it is to just make things nice the first time. It’s not a scheme to string people along. It’s just bad decision making.

In short, when you push code, you have to be certain it works across all areas, and it’s very easy to overlook something where it works in one place and not another. I’ve often made changes that ruined code elsewhere and had to compromise. 343 set someone to patch something, test something, then push it for the update.

To go back is much more difficult - they have to find the code and changes in the previous version, modify it, ensure that they didn’t undo other patches, then test it, then push it. That’s roughly double the work for nothing: A loss of money, something we all know 343 doesn’t like.

And that’s a simplified version based on the cycle where I work with 8 engineers. In a company as giant as 343, it’s even worse due to the size and amount of people the results have to go through.


I totally understand what you’re saying, that makes sense. My comment is mostly based around a frustration I’ve been having recently of just realizing there’s no place to really talk Halo in a positive light. It’s just down votes on reddit and troll posts on Waypoint no matter what any time i see people give opinions on things that are working well in Infinite

I think if Quinn del Hoyo (sp?) hadn’t left, the skill jump changes would have been handled completely differently. Imo, since launch, we’re really feeling the brunt senior dev team turnover.