Why 343 shouldn't listen to anyone on these forums

I lurk these forums and the Halo subreddit every day, reading peoples nitpicks, and what have to be trolls I swear; The amount of useless stupid posts that are on reddit and these forums, just complaining about the littlest stuff that is 100% optional, like you don’t want to play attrition and don’t care about the event? Why make an entire freaking post about why you don’t like attrition and don’t care about the cosmetics, just don’t play it. Oh you don’t like stuff in the shop? Don’t buy it, you think 343i doesn’t know who is buying what? They have data, showing what people play and buy, they know what we like and what we don’t. Even if they didn’t have those numbers, there’s 15 people posting about the same thing daily. You don’t like cross-play when your on a console? Well shoot, you got me there. That need’s fixing, If it really impacts peoples gameplay that much.

Even then, It only affects ranked and you can choose what inputs your playing against. 300 hours across both platforms/inputs and there is almost no difference, stop crying about pc players too good, or aim assist op, there is almost no aim assist, and pc have NO advantage “but but they can aim with their whole hand” o-freaking-kay get good, that doesn’t change anything.

“but but the shop everything is expensive” Go back to paragraph 1, point 2. Even then, It isn’t expensive compared to fortnite (I’ve spent 10 dollars on this game btw, for BP, played campaign for free.) Just don’t buy it if you don’t want too, I know I wont buy anything, unless its goofy like the cat eats, and tbh everything should be like the cat ears, goofy, not made to be taken serious, just a fun cosmetic; and yes, I know this game has actual problems, desync, hackers, major save breaking bugs in campaign (my save got corrupted :D), i would list off projectiles not working, melee etc but I think that all has to do with Desync, which i experienced hard last night playing with my buddies on xbone.

Thank you, the people at 343 for making the next gen of halo games I can introduce my friends too, theyve never played halo, and they love this one. My friend whos never touched a halo before is already almost onyx, and that makes me proud. Oh and btw, to all the 30 - 40 year old dudes complaining abt this halo not being like 1 - reach, its unfortunate i know, but new generation of gamers, new generation of games and marketing/money making tactics, doesn’t mean you have to beat your body pillow (or if your lucky) wife to death over problems in a video game.

Sorry bout this pointless rant, I’d keep going but honestly all the halo community complains abt are those same 5 things.

EDIT: Lets start a mini thread under this post, actual problems that don’t have to do with the store. Go, ill start. Lack of campaign content, lack of challenges to unlock free cosmetics (since some dude wants me to complain about cosmetics), No reward for legendary completion, saves in campaign getting corrupted. Hackers, we need an anti-cheat. Make the game more optimal on pc (havent run into any issues, just some people are), Menu’s not loading, Challenges not loading, Same repetitive maps, Weapon balancing not seeming fair on BTB, BTB still not functioning properly.


MLA formatting breaks the post, good to know.

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You actually can’t turn off crossplay in the console settings. It only disables third party games that don’t utilize Xbox live accounts. That’s the problem.


Now, if I still owned a console I’d know that, thanks. I’ll edit my post.

I’d say partially some ideas on here could be good key word some


like 5%, no one wants to give actual good feedback, they just want to complain and get a bandwagon of people on the forums to complain with them. EDIT: And the complaint is always over something small


Yeah it’s kinda sad to see that and those same folks probably flag the good ideas and feedback as they think they know better while in reality they just hate cause the got nothing better to do


Pretty much, this post will probably get taken down or I’m going to get flamed til its locked lmfao

Yeah it’s a sad mentality of “if you don’t hate this even if you don’t know why your part of the problem/shill/stan (seriously what’s a stan?)/ bootlickrr and you must get canceled cause my opinion is fact and yours is nothing but a lie”

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Stan is literally a “stalker fan” only freakin psychos call them selves that and aren’t being ironic. Fanbases are so toxic now, league/dota/insert toxic community, is not toxic at all anymore compared to what the gaming community as a whole, has become.

Yeah like what happened to have this change? What made this happen?

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Another post with someone missing the fine print…

1.) Halo personalization is now a staple and expected part of the game, when that’s taken out of your game, and sold to you, it does not feel good, especially when you used to be able to earn it.
2.) It being F2P does not justify colors being sold for $7 and what used to be common armor sets for 1/3 of the price for a full game.
3.) 343i stated that we would be able to EARN and UNLOCK things, player first mentality… there is very little worth unlocking and earning, our only armor unlocks through capstone have been 2 visors, and then the free event passes with what little they have.
4.) Fortnite is actually cheaper? With what, 5 dollars for a cosmetic set?
5.) HALO in particular is expected to be able to have things worth earning as there are MULTIPLE games in which they did it effectively, the current model is multiple steps back.

Your post fits into one of those 5 things.


4 of those 5 things you just listed, fall under cosmetic, which I said, I do not care about. Try again.

Damn that’s crazy, you don’t care so it must not be important, I’ll apply the same logic to your post.


Go for it, just an opinion. Also, this directly brings me back to the gaming community as a whole being way toxic than like 6 or 7 years ago. Man’s trying to press me by saying he will ignore the post. Okay? And?

I think 343 actually needs the verbal feedback from the forums and Reddit. Yeah a lot of it isn’t constructive, but that can be filtered through. They have people hired as community directors/managers…etc for a reason.

The community feedback is necessary for changes in the game like it or not. If they were purely looking at data we would not see the changes we want. Take the store for instance, only watching sales data probably would have kept the prices the same if not increased (people are buying these things). However, it’s just as important to hear from the people who are not making those purchases and why that is.

Remember when they locked down the halo subreddit? That was not a good look. Silencing the consumer isn’t the right approach.


Well, 343 doesn’t run the subreddit, some rando on reddit does, but yeah, that didn’t make it look good either. And yes, 100% agree, they need actual feedback, not karen complaints. The shop has many many problems, thats why I’ve chosen to ignore it for the time being. because its the one issue everyone knows about, especially 343i.

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Also yeah, those are genuine issues, and I did get pressed, sorry bout that. But, they know about the shop, and I think for the most part are going to ignore it (on the bigger picture side), which is sad, I wish every company could just be saints like indie devs, not greedy, and give us complete games.

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Ah I don’t use Reddit, but yeah regardless of who locked it, still not good!

I know seeing the posts can be exhausting, but it really is a reflection of the community view on the game. I think a lot of people are just really passionate halo fans who don’t want to see their favorite franchise ruined.


Yeah, in the end it’s passion blinding reason. Hope by may we all get the game we all wanted.