Why 343 should bring back buildings in forge

Ah the olden days of forge. Much easier to make maps on Halo 4, Reach, and H2A. But what about now? I honestly do not like Halo 5’s forge. It was much easier to plan (I say “plan” because it takes a while to think up of a map.) and make maps. I now forge in Halo 2 because of the amount of time it takes to make a house. 1 HOUSE! Well I make sure the house would look nice but still you get the idea. Adding buildings in Halo 5 would be WONDERFUL, that way I don’t have to be in H2A with only 6 maps.

Now if that was done, I’d make more maps in Halo 5… if I have enough time (weekends)

Yeah, thats all I got. o_o