Why 343 dont care about the Halo community?

one example : Team “sniper”

majority of players are complaining about this mod, because the weapons are not actually “snipers”

Would it be difficult to change the weapons and make it right ? No
Would it take a long time to do that ? No

then why 343 are doing nothing ?

I can’t understand this non-sens, explain to me please


Apparently they are too busy listening to feedback.

Oh, wait…


Is their main goal to make the Halo fans hate this studio ?

Because I think it’s working and pretty hard


I can’t figure 343 out. They claim they are listening to feedback but so many choices they make are the exact opposite of what it seems like the majority of feedback I see is asking for. I just don’t see where this “broader audience” is going to come from.

At this point my only hope is that the will fix custom games and release a good forge and custom game browser. Then members of the community can ignore all of 343’s decisions and set games/maps up that the community actually wants.


exactly, only the community can save ( if it’s possible lol ) the game

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