Who's moving to Titanfall 2?

No one, it’s a knock off of cod with mechs, I don’t even like cod…so no thanks

Hate to break it to you but this thread is irrelevant to Halo so you are breaking forum rules. :confused:

At least Titanfall 2 stuck to what made Titanfall good more than CoD stuck to what made CoD good. I might buy it. I can only take so much Halo 5 these days.

I wouldn’t say I’m “moving” but I will play it when it comes out

the early talk and beta showed that they reverted too much back into CoD and ruined what was fun in TF1

I’m getting Titanfall 2 but I’ll still be playing Halo 5. So long as they fix the servers…

I left Halo 5 for even Reach. On top of Battlefield 1 Titanfall 2 is just a bonus! Plus most of the people left here of course are gonna stay with 5, they havent left yet so nothing at this point will.

Hell nah

I moved onto Destiny

Yes I am, I don’t even play Halo 5 that often anymore. Damn shame, Halo was my favorite game franchise but 343 has let me down with Halo 5.
But I am still excited for the future of Halo!

No,stay with Halo.
Maybe take a look at Gears of war.

guess what…

I can play both games

Heck no, it doesn’t feel or play like the original. A step back in my opinion. The demo made it easy for me to decide on GOW4 instead.

> 2533274820441404;12:
> guess what…
> I can play both games

You must still be young